31 August 2014

Quality Street

Tuesday at Nudgee I ran 20 X 400m with 100m jog recovery
Average was 71.7 secs and the recovery was also 71 secs.
Pleased with session. I  had Peter Bracken for company first 10 and remained strong working next 10 alone. Windy evening again!
Ran in flats which preserves the calf's.
Ave 157bpm Max 172bpm

Saturday I did a hill sprint session on a hill I scouted last weekend. Maryvale St corner Tattler St ( I'm sure there was a gentleman's magazine called The  Tatler back in the UK). When houses eventually get built there, will the new residents  take objection to their near porno notoriety!

Anyhow a nice 200m hill on new bitumen, no residents, no cars. Running nirvana! 
Worked hard running about 40sec splits 21m climb with a kicker in the last 50m.
I felt strong and ran a good set and felt real great on my warm down run home.
My gluts paid the price today = Sunday = sore ar$e but I was only going for a long run today.
Started just around the bend (bottom left and finished lamppost up past red road section with Bottle Tree Cres. on right.
Here's how my heart coped with the hill sprints; Ave 141bpm Max 164bpm.

Drove to Newport and ran the coastal pathway 15km to Hornnybrook bridge then instead of turning round and running back the same way, I decided to cut across the peninsula by road to finish a solid peninsula loop 24km in 4:10 ks  my heart rate was a pretty comfortable average 133bpm.

With the Bridge to Brisbane next Sunday I will gently taper next week after Tuesday.


Sources close to the Garmin Lama said...

Race organisers have had to admit that efforts to recruit Master's international running sensation , David McSweeney to this year's Pan Pacs running festival have stalled owing to appearance fees . McSweeney's manager, Lusty Lucy , fresh from marketing her new range of raspberry lolly pops , was keen to deflect criticism that the Scotsman has lost his common touch in promoting hopeless causes . "They honestly expected David to pay to enter the event . They can't be serious ?" was her comment to the world press which she said was strictly off the record . However organisers for next year's Spartan challenge are close to snaring the man known world wide as the Garmin Lama for their niche event . McSweeney has never completed a Marathon ,an obvious short coming in another wise unblemished and remarkable running curriculum vitae , and is keen to make amends and make an emphatic statement to his detractors , most of whom are misfits , nobodies and cybernetic low lives .

Paid advertisement said...

When the Garmin Lama runs this Sunday his energy bar of choice will be Bar Cliff for that extra performance edge . When he's relaxing after the event with friends family and hanger's on he prefers to suck on a Lusty Lucy all day raspberry lolly pop . With the new range of Lusty Lucy confectionary there's a variety of flavours to choose from . As the GTrain says , " with a Lusty Lucy Lolly Pop the lust lasts all day."

Lusty Lucy said...

So kind of David to promote my new range of confectionary on his blog . He's so sweet . My favourite is Lavacious Lime but David likes Naughty Tooty Fruity . Don't suck on one before a drug test as they pack a little bit of extra punch if you know what I mean . Better to play it safe . One or two are OK . It's only if you're like the robot and want to eat the whole damn box that there's a problem . I think it's the caterpillar juice extract I put into it to give it that extra something :-)

Anonymous said...

Yes it's Barren Cliffs energy bars every time . Made a huge difference to me . My coach said you had to train hard and be dedicated .Stupid old fool . Said there weren't any shortcuts . Well there are ! Barren Cliffs energy bars are a short cut for sure . David's proved it . Look at those results . Thanks mate . You've sold me on them .

Bridge to Bribane organisers said...

Organisers have confirmed that the Garmin Lama is the mystery celebrity starter at this year's B2B 10k community fun run . Donating his appearance fee to charity , a selfless gesture seen by some as a slap in the face for Pan Pac organisers , the popular ex patriate Scotsmen is keen to team up with protege and fellow Scotsman Ian McCameron ( known on Garmin Connect as Braveheart) in what should prove an extravaganza of sporting excellence to delight the early morning crowd expected to line the course to get a glimpse of this exciting pair . Both Scotsman are sponsored heavily by Garmin , Barren Cliffs confectionary and Lusty Lucy Lolly Pops . McSweeney has been linked romantically to the former mud wrestling star ( Lucy Lovelace aka Lusty Lucy ) but has strenuously denied the claims saying it is little more than idle scuttlebutt aimed at distracting him from Sunday's Gala run where he will attempt to be the first man over 50 to ever finish top 10 in a race featuring more than 20000 starters . There are some other big name performers in the starting line up but quite frankly nobody cares about them as all eyes will be focused on the two Scotsmen and blue flags with St. Andrew's crosses will flutter in proliferation along the course .

Anonymous said...

Mouth watering prospect . Two Scotsmen and Lusty Lucy Lolly Pops . Does not get any better than that .

Natural Blonde's Weekly said...

Not wanting to overshadow the Garmin Lama's efforts in this Sunday's B2B charity 10k fun run , Lucy Lovelace ( better known to readers of this blog as Lusty Lucy) will announce her retirement from professional women's mud wrestling on Monday . Lovelace this week won the natural blonde's world mud wrestling crown by defeating defending champion ,Swedish soft porn star turned mud wrestler Heildegard ( the Heartthrob) Hiediger , in a closely fought match that showcased this colourful but cinderala sport to an ever burgeoning but predominantly male audience . Lovelace has never made any secret of the fact that she's owed her success to close confidante David McSweeney, better known on this blog as Mr.Garmin and on the Indian subcontinent as the Garmin Lama . Expect further updates in due course .