04 October 2014

QMA 5000m 16:21.9 1st

I'm always a little rusty first track race of the season, and this was probably first track race in 2 or 3 years!
Having said that I side have my track legs on this morning! A good warm up but conditions breezy/windy humid 68% and 22 0 C. A large field of runners and walkers meant I'd have to do an awful lot of overtaking., compounded by a number of novice runners, one in particular running in lane two the whole way (a barely moving road block, I reckoned I passed 8 or 9 times!
Through 200m in 36 and I was only just on pace. Everything else compounded and I just slowed. Through 3000m in 9:43 I was way off pace finding it difficulty to push on and really just going through the motions trying to find the right way to overtake. I ended up one and three quarter laps in front of Con who was running 2nd and over two laps in front of Phil in 3rd.
I'm going to have to run withe kids in some QA night races.
Although disappointed at only running 16:21 I take some solace from the fact that the current World Rankings would place around 4th and 90.4% age grading is in the World class bracket (according to USA Masters)


Official Masters Podium Robot Me Shardy (Con and Phil ran a lap short and 2nd finisher Ann ops the Ladies podium)
Results from the day - Note Massage is Available!!!


Master's wrap up said...

It was bring a friend day to the first day of Master's Athletic's competition and with rumour that the Garmin Lama may run , after an hiatus of some 3 years , a huge crowd was in attendance wearing their , " I'm the Garmin Lama's Friend " T shirts ( a special for the occasion on EBay for $9.99 ) . Short sighted officialdom allowed a huge field to participate ( estimated at over 3000 ) with rumours bribes were paid to officials to allow age graded tragics to be photographed on the starting line with the affable Scotsman , still shaking off the effects of sea sickness from a fact finding mission to the Great Barrier Reef ( or what's left of it ) during the week . With his cause of Scottish independence now a forlorn and hollow dream, the man who is the international face of Garmin has now become the champion of Coral and Dugongs . The race itself was a farce . The Scotsmen forced to run in lane 8 for much of the race . Such is the self effacing nature of the man he dismissed scientifically measured estimates of the distance he ran as being 370 metres over the specified distance of 5 kilometres as irrelevant . The world's press who were gathered following a tip off gave three cheers of support for this incredible sporting gesture and a few hardened reporters were reduced to tears . It should also be reported that the Scotsman's twin brother placed second in tne race with a massive PB and was only 40 seconds behind his slightly older twin . An incredible performance which could only be credited to having the Garmin Lama in the same field . It's now only a matter of time before the Garmin Lama lays claim to the age 5 and 10 k records and needs only the right conditions to fulfil his destiny and give meaning to the lives of his myriad supporters world wide .

Unanimous said...

If he ran 370metres long he would have smashed the record . What a performance . The man's a freak and no bitterness for being forced to run so wide or to make it an excuse . No wonder he's loved world wide .

An eyewitness said...

I can say with absolute certainty that rumours the Garmin Lama ran in lane 8 are wildly exaggerated . Such were the numbers of runners crammed into the start ( which in itself was a stinging indictment of narrow minded officialdom ) the GL was a full hundred metres behind the start line when the gun sounded and was never at any stage able to even run on the tartan surface but rather forced to run even wider on the ring road that surrounds the track . On the home straight he was forced to run through the long jump pits . An incredible performance and one I won't forget for a long time . What an inspirational athlete !

Ever the diplomat said...

Hey that was a good description Dave you gave of the Robot barely moving yesterday and blocking up the whole track . Certainly is a shadow of his former self . Has he finished the race yet ?

Save the Dugong foundation said...

Appalled at the plight of the Queensland Barrier Reef on a recent fact finding mission for the Queensland Coordinator General's Department, the Garmin Lama has urged his supporters to make 2015 the year of the Reef . With this in mind the 18th of October has been signalled out for a special event at the Kirra park run which will highlight the plight of the endangered Dugong . While this sea mammal doesn't actually live on the reef it's roughly in the same area ( Queensland) and is more marketable than the endangered reef shark who people couldn't give a stuff about . " A lot of people say they are ugly and do nothing but pass a lot of wind but they are a critically endangered species " the Garmin Lama was reported as saying of the Dugong . " You can kiss goodbye to the coral and reef sharks but we have to save the Dugong ." With this in mind the GL ,as he is popularly known in the Green movement , has urged his supporters to dress as Dugongs and run at Kirra to support this worthwhile cause on the 18th of this month .

Anonymous said...

Dave likes Dugongs because they remind him of Lusty Lucy . Strong facial resemblance .

Lucy Lovelace said...

Listen you Trolls out there Dave and I have gone our seperate ways. OK ? I won't be at Kirra on the 18th . I blame Con for all this coral and Dugong nonsense . He's brainwashed him . Why I've even heard he's taken to playing his bag pipes down by the Bay at dawn and reckons when he plays Flower of Scotland the Dugong come close in to listen . How sick !