06 October 2014

A koala and a pair of Galahs

Yesterday's long run 29km 2;04;22 @ 4;17 K's running out and about to Narangba/Dakabin/Petrie/Kallanger and back to North Lakes. 
Ran at 11.00am so hot and windy. 
First drink at 60 mins and took a Cliff Bar energy gel at 75mins. 
Long runs really leave me jaded but I'm sure there do the world of good. 
The day after a long run are painful so just try and get out and cover some ground. This afternoon I saw a kolah running alongside the pathway - something I've only seen twice before. I also came across a pair of Galahs to complete the runs menagerie.
Today 10.6km roo+lake 43;41 @ 4;08 K's
I didn't record last Tuesdays session for the record it was Tooheys Tuesday 3 X 2 X 1000 with 2mins between intervals and 5mins between sets. A big turnout including Nick's Nudgee Boys middle distance group, top class triathlete Nick Hull and 1500 star Peter Bock as well as the regulars (Pete/Shane/Nick). I ran 18;18 so averaged 3;03 K's running mid group!


Save the Dugong movement said...

It was an emotional Garmin Lama who spoke to the world's press ahead of this Saturdays master's meet . I'm dedicating this 3k to Queensland's threatened Dugong population . " Short sighted Government policy has trashed their environment ," the popular Scotsman was reported as saying , " and if something isn't done then they'll go the way of poor Nessie ." A none too subtle reminder of the Loch Ness monster and a famous Scottish Icon . The GL , as he is reverently referred to in the dugong conservation movement , was quick to remind everyone that the Kirra park run on the 18th of this month hopes to raise the profile of this threatened species and the GL's twin brother will be on hand to pose for photographs and judge the best Dugong costume .

Anonymous said...

Hey Lust Lucy won't need a costume ! Ha ha !!

Braveheart said...

Con needs to keep in shape for Saturday. I would advise Con not to stand too close to the water playing his bagpipes. A sudden wave created by a herd of dugong might wash him into the bay. If he does share the same DNA as the Garmin Lama he might not survive a romantic episode with a 300 kg dugong. Also... Con better watch out for the Robot at the track...disguised as a hurdle.

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Anonymous said...

Very sad that the GL has dumped Lusty Lucy and taken up with the Dugongs of Moreton Bay . Still we've always come to expect the unexpected from the larrikin Scotsman. Always reinventing himself and finding new causes to champion .