11 October 2014

QMA 3000m 9:28.3 1st

I ran my standard 3km warm up with the boys. Conditions warm humid but at least still.
Decided to start fast after last week's sluggish 36 first 200 and ran 32 secs this week which was perhaps too fast.
Through 600 in 1:47 and 1000 in 3:04.
Worked hard through the next 1000 but it took 3:12 for 6:16 at 2k.
The beauty of 3000 is its all over before you know it so your able to keep the effort levels high. Unfortunately I felt I was tieing up so effort did not get rewarded and ran the third K in another 3:12 for 9;28.3 all up.
I would have been happy if I ran sub 9:20 but I shouldn't be too disappointed with 9:28. When I turned 50 my early season 3's were all about 9:30 and I anded up running 9:13 in an evening meet running with the kids at a QA evening meet. It takes a few track races to get back used to track racing!
4km warm down on the Peters circuit in the bush.
I picked up my Queensland M50 record certificate this morning :-) 
Saturday results


Sporting world said...

It was a reflective Steve Monnaghetti who fronted the world Media following his stunning 31:27 in the Melbourne Marathon running festival 10k race this morning . " I owe this performance to my good friend the Garmin Lama . " The legend of Australian running was reported as saying ." He texted me before the start and asked if I'd highlight the plight of the endangered Dugong . When you run for something bigger than yourself you find that little bit extra and the thought of those poor marine mammals having their environment trashed by heartless and insensitive government apparatchiks just unleashed an inner power I thought had dried up long ago . Now I see the secret of Dave's incredible success . Run for something bigger than yourself . Best wishes for next Saturday's running with the Dugongs at Kirra park run . Hope everyone turns out . "

Anonymous said...

That Sunday long run next to the Bay would allow prime quality time close up to the local Dugong population . They'd probably swim along and keep up . I think it's wonderful the GL is taking an interest in local conservation issues . I mean who honestly in Australia gave a f**k about Scottish Independence . And bagpipes are so yesterday . Wouldn't Sandgate or Wynnum park runs have been a better choice to highlight the Dugongs . Kirra has Dolphins . Maybe the GL has them mixed up . Dolphins are cute . Dugongs are ugly . By the way Lusty Lucy has been quiet lately .

David said...

Monna's ran a superb 69;43 in the Half Mara going through the first 10km in 32;48 !!!

The voices of complacency said...

And he has the Garmin Lama to thank for it . Monna had grown complacent . He needed someone to put the blow torch to his belly !

Tom said...

Just treat the track races like they're a North Lakes Parkrun Dave. You'll be running 8:50 in no time!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tom . Good to see you back in circulation mate . Where did you dream 8:50 up from ? Some cosmic signifance to those numbers ? Challenging the Garmin Lama to beat your Dad's best time ? If you followed this blog more closely ( as they do in Katmandu) you'd be aware the Garmin Lama is looking to set records at 5 and 10 k .He already has the 3 k record . If you followed things more closely as well you'd also realize that he does treat track races as if he were at North Lakes park run . Didn't you read where he lapped the Robot 9 times . He treats the track like a mini North Lakes course . The steeplechase pool is a mini North Lakes Lagoon . Lucy Lovelace stands in it and pretends to be a Dugong. Both venues allow scope for mass spectator viewing . The consensus of opinion is Tom is that you are a robot or some form of artificial intelligence that has breached Dave's stout defences to beat such breaches to his security . It won't deflect him from his mission that's for sure .

David said...

2014 Outdoor Rankings
M50 3000 Meter Run Click here to view Complete M50 3000 Meter Run List


Javier Fontaneda (50) ESP Los Corrales De Buelna, CANTABRIA, ESP on 24 May 14


Alan Wells (51) USA Altamonte Springs, FL, USA on 26 Apr 14


David Sweeney (53) AUS Brisbane, AU-QL, AUS on 11 Oct 14


Bruce Graham (51) AUS Canberra, AU-AC, AUS on 23 Jan 14


Wim Verkampen (51) NED Utrecht, NED on 30 May 14


EugÉNio Neto (52) POR Pombal, POR on 12 Jul 14


Paul Osland (50) CAN Toronto, ON, CAN on 20 May 14


JosÉ CustÓDio (50) POR Pombal, POR on 12 Jul 14


John O`Hearn (52) USA Seattle, WA, USA on 29 Mar 14


Ray Knerr (54) USA Carpinteria,, CA, USA on 25 Jul 14


Steven Chilton (50) USA Charlotte, NC, USA on 12 Apr 14


Brian Nemethy (53) CAN Prince George, BC, CAN on 7 Jun 14 - 8 Jun 14


John Clifford (51) USA Eugene, OR, USA on 9 May 14


Rene Rensen (52) NED Utrecht, NED on 20 Jun 14


Vitor Silva (53) POR Pombal, POR on 12 Jul 14


RenÉ Rensen (50) NED Utrecht, NED on 30 May 14


Guy Schott (51) USA Santa Rosa, CA, USA on 22 Jul 14


Ernesto Almeida (53) POR Pombal, POR on 12 Jul 14


Bob Rimkis (53) USA Fort Washington, PA, USA on 10 Aug 14


Maurits De Ruiter (52) NED Utrecht, NED on 30 May 14