18 October 2014

Kirra parkrun 16;06 1st

Up at 4.00am!!
90min drive to Kirra. 
Is there a better setting for a parkrun?
The beach and surf is far better than anything up the coast- there is no surf north of the Goldie. 
The footpath at Kirra is also far better than Sandgate, much wider and better quality smooth surface but it does still have some bumps and falls and bends and pedestrians with dogs and cyclists! 
With two 180 O turns we debated just how fast this course would be. 
Throw into the mix heat, humidity and wind! It was what it was.
2km warm up. 
Fast start, hairing off into the lead not sure if the wind was in front or coming off the beach but it wasn't helping. Didn't feel comfortable and 'felt' someone on my tail, it turned out to be Dan Stein, a triathlete. Felt him all the way to 2km where we do a 180 and I still dont see him as he's following tucked behind me. 3rd 4th and Con and Pete seemed really close to me and I start thinking I'm running really poorly (never look at the watch). I thought it would be a matter of time before Dan would take me but he didn't. I worked hard and set myself goals to keep the effort consistent - get to the 3km mark then its only  6mins 30secs of running. I got to 4km and the timekeeper calls out 12.59. I say to myself just 90secs to the 2nd turnaround and then I can go for home. 
Dan started to drop off and I was clear. 
A horrendous slowdown at 4.5km to turn but do my best to pick it back up (it would have cost at least 5 secs). Overtake three girls walking abreast  on the outside then I'm clear to run the tangents to the finish line.16;06 official. Happy with that effort all things considered.
results are here; 

Breakfast at Con's 'holiday home' nestling up the mountain behind Kirra, a gorgeous location and delightful breaky

My car park for parkrun expand the horizon to see Surfers

parkrun Australia top age graded results

parkrun global top age graded results


Save the Dugong Foundation said...

Kirra park run put on perfect weather for the inaugural running with the Dugongs spectacular where none other than the Garmin Lama himself turned out to ensure the event received maximum publicity and exposure . Those that were game enough to bet against the popular Scotsman not setting an aged graded course record and posting an Australian leading performance would certainly have lost their money as the GL delivered both to the rapturous applause of his fans ( many decked out in Dugong costume ) as well as delight the crowd by signing autographs and posing for photographs . At the Gala invitation breakfast that followed the leviathan Scottish running dynamo , recognised world wide as the International face of Garmin , lectured his devotees on the endangered plight of the Dugong and then performed a medley of Scottish folk ballads ending with a spine tingling rendition of Flower of Scotland that did not leave a dry eye in the audience .

Anonymous said...

Yes the Garmin Lama is certainly laying claim to being the age graded park run King of south east Queensland . From Golden Beach to Kirra the Scottish maestro weaves his web of Iberian magic as he thrills his fans with that rare combination of celebrity and humility . Shouldn't be long before the Dugong population is flourishing and thriving with their pied Bagpipe playing piper leading them a merry waltz to greener grazing pasture .

TomTom (aka Ronnie), said...

What a schoolboy photo! Pretty boys are us! Here is how real mackenzies (like you guys whilst racing ) must present to the wider world. You look like a bunch of private school principal's perfect perpendicular pupils after being presented with an award for not wandering over to the dark side of town on the weekend. Come on, a bit of attitude.

Try posing as your favourite super hero.
Paul - you be superman (right colours and physique); David - just be yourself (I mean you are the world- renowned GL, and reputed skirt-wearer, bagpiper from Scotland); Peter - Bender for sure(oh, I don't know, he is the only Robot i know and he is a very, very naughty Robot); Phil- the Hulk ("Why me?" I hear you ask. "I am not big and green and i always wear loose fitting clothes". But i ask: " Why the loose clothing? And you do go green after about three k in a race."
Con- I don't know any unassuming super heroes (Anyway, for the sake of a good, hardcore photo you could pose as the Joker. You might need some make up. My sources tell me that you lads are pretty adept at applying lipstick.
I'll be (am much like)worzel gummidge).

Check out what's a the kilt.

Lucille Lovelace said...

The Robot pretty ? Are we looking at the same photo ? As for lipstick it's true Ronnie that the GL does enhance some of his photos with a touch of airbrushing and why shouldn't he use lipstick ? I think he needs a nice grey rinse as well but he never took my advice did he ? Thinks more of Dugongs than he does of me now .

Where's Ronnie said...

Yes you're right Ronnie they do look like they wouldn't be out of place on a float at the Gay and Lesbian Mardi gras . They need you to pose in the next photo op and add some real grunt and attitude . Make sure you turn up for the next leg of the Garmin Lama Golden league . Wear your kilt mate .

Dugong fact file said...

The Dugong is the world's only herbivorous sea mammal . 10% of the population (10 to 12000 ) live in Shark Bay Western Australia . They can weigh up to 450 Kgs and grow in length to 3 metres . They look like an overweight dolphin but have no dorsal fin . In the wild they can live for up to 70 years . They have never been seen at Kirra so it was an odd place to have a park run dedicated to them . Ronnie was just too polite and diplomatic to point this out . The GL is simply being exploited by sick and degenerate hangers on ,as Ronnie so eloquently points out , looking for a free breakfast and a photo opportunity to be seen posing with a celebrity . This never happened when Lusty Lucy was his manager . Isn't there a chance of a reconciliation ?

World Park run news said...

The man known as the international face of Garmin , Scotsman David McSweeney held off an international world challenge from every quarter of the globe to defend his title of World park run champion . Among the challengers was 99 year old John Trethowan of Gatton who inspired by reading The Mr. Garmin Story sought to challenge his idol for the world crown . The story was repeated world wide . A 110 year old Sherpa in Nepal ( yet to finish) and a colourful transsexual of indeterminate vintage ( rumour was that the birth certificate was forged ) from Marakesh all chanced themselves against the world champion inspired by his inspirational story but fell well short . As Mr. Trethowan said after his remarkable 89% age graded performance , " the GL is a freak . But I challenge him to come out here and beat my standard on this course . He's fine if he runs close to water but I think he'd struggle out here in the dry . I'd love to meet him and shake his hand . Maybe he'd autograph my Lusty Lucy doll ? It's a shame they busted up . "

Is this what Ronnie really said...

Yes it is funny how the GL does his best work close to salty sea air . Do his powers diminish the further inland he ventures ? Is this why he won't chance his luck at the Ipswich park run ? Has Ronnie spotted the GL's Achilles heel . We've seen X-rays of the meniscus deprived knee but could it be that without salt air in the nostrils the Scotsmen becomes less formidable ? It's certainly true the GL refuses to challenge the Robot on his own turf sending instead his understudy (Braveheart) to perform and crying the tyranny of distance to excuse his absence . As Ronnie would have said had he been asked , " while the GL does not hold the Ipswich Age graded record his crown of world park run champion must sit loosely on his head ."

Ronnie's Theorom said...

That certainly is true . Perhaps salty sea spray has performance enhancing qualities . Science labels it the Seagull Effect I've been told . The GL does struggle with age grading the further inland he goes . I think Ronnie may be onto something that the rest of us may have missed . Lipstick and sea air may be a potent mix !

A gossip said...

Comments made by certain sporting celebrities that the Garmin Lama is not averse to wearing lipstick in major competitions has generated intense public interest with media outlets picking up on the revelations and running with the story . McSweeney has yet to respond publicly to the comments and has secluded himself away at a secret training location as he prepares himself for an assault on the record books in the coming weeks . Many have suspected that the story may simply have been a mischievous beat up to unsettle the Scotsman , perpetrated by degenerates and malcontents jealous of the Garmn Lama's appeal to women that is thought to have unsettled many marriages . What better way to attack his manhood than to suggest that not is all that it seems to be behind this Scotsman's kilt .