26 October 2014

Cool Night Classic 5.00km 6th 16;37

Sunday 30km I had some idea where I was going to run when I left home but I didn't know where I'd get a drink and as I had no gels that was rather poor planning. I ran for two hours before I got to a tap! I didnt want to deviate too far from my planned route to locate parks where I might have found water and on a hot afternoon I began to suffer. 2;14.12 for 4.22 km's
Monday As ever 5.00am the day after a long run and I'm normally hardly able to walk let alone run 10.6km in 4;24 K's
Tuesday. Nudgee. Nick was doing a very lactate session (3 x 1000 on rolling 5mins) so I decided on 16 x 400 with about 80 or 90secs recovery 110m jog. 
Averaged 71.25 on a very windy night so good set.
Wednesday morning after track did well to get around 10.6km in 4.15 km pace.

Thursday Cool Night Classic in the CBD. warmed up with Jacko and shot off at the start as huge numbers meant a quick get away was imperative to avoid being swamped. We had to do an immediate U turn then down hill to the Goodwill Bridge (uphill) then sharp right along the South Bank. I went through the first K too fast in 2;59 and had to recuperate in the second as Hagan Carlson and Dewar gapped me. Jacko was already out in front. I was running the next few K's with O'Shea who pipped me last year and Brandon Dewar (who finished 3rd last year). 
It was a horrible course, full of pedestrians and U turns and right turns and ramps. A U turn at Kirrilpa bridge gave an opportunity to assess  race position but you all know at 2km into a 5km race know one is likely to change position very much. I managed to get past O'Shea on Victoria Bridge and survive the double 180 down ramp to get back onto the riverside cycleway and head for home.
Brandon had gapped us and there was no coming back to him. Finished 6th same as last year but we didn't have Jacko racing then. The big prizes attracted sufficient quality to leave me satisfied I'd put in a good effort and wasn't ever going to be good enough to get podium.

Friday was recovery 10.6km in 4;17 K's 
I woke with a sore throat that developed into a streaming nose and wheeze cough!
Saturday Mini taper racing 10,000m track on Monday if virus allows 
10.6km in 4;05 K's
Sunday another easy run late afternoon planned - waiting for it to cool down, its 30 O C today!


A pretty boring boy said...

It was a relaxed David MCSweeney who fronted the world press after another scintillating performance (close to water ) at the River City's Cool Night Classic recently . The trail blazing Scotsman made no secret that he was trialing a new brand of Go Lama Lipstick and confronted his detractors head on . " I don't make any secret of the fact that I'm always on the lookout for a legal performance edge '" he explained but denied using eye shadow or make up . " Dry and chaffed lips can slow you down more than you think . Since I've been using Go Lama lipstick I've noticed I don't have to spit as often in a race and so become dehydrated . My good friend Braveheat put me on to it to help with my bagpiping but I noticed immediately it could be used just as effectively in running as well . People seem to want to make a big deal about it but they said the same critical and negative things about my cranial Garmin implants . Now it hardly raises an eyebrow ." When asked when Go Lama Lipstick would be available to the public , the GL was more circumspect and a little tight lipped . " It's just a matter now of getting the colours right . I was thinking of a blueish tinge for the men and a more pinkish tone for the ladies . And perhaps a mauve shade for those in between runners that Ronnie talks about . The pretty boy set as he calls them ."

Anonymous said...

Ronnie means poofs I think .

Ronnie said...

I don’t use vituperative words. Too much of a pejorative minefield for politically perfect Peterers.
Further to my tongue-in-cheek suggestion that the lads pose like a superhero. The thing is I saw this Ted Talk just before catching up with David’s blog (or should I say Robot’s blog?).
Oh yes, a thought for Robot. Robot, you really need to start your own blog. I mean you have a huge lexicon and impressive command of English language- and I have to mention all that running history you entertain us with on our warm-downs. Have to say, sense of humour a little off (like mine) but still. Anyway, perhaps a blog where you rewrite Shakespeare for a contemporary audience of obsessive, older athletes. “ Macbeth” perhaps.
Way back then during the troubles, Malcom said to McDuff:
“Now you sound like a man. Come on, let’s go see King Edward. The army is ready. All we have to do now is say goodbye to the king. Macbeth is ripe for the picking. We’ll be acting as God’s agents. Cheer up as much as you can. A new day will come at last.” Act 4 Scene 3 (modern language).
Robot’s version could be something like this:
“Now you look like a superhero. Come on, let’s go see Garmin Lama. The athletes are ready. All we have to do now is say goodbye to GL. Ronnie’s record is ripe for picking. We’ll be acting as Robot’s agents. Train as hard as you can. A new record will come at last.”
I digress. Before I un-digress, one very serious warning: Look out for trees that appear closer than they were. Guess the allusions and win - well, fuck all.
Back to what I really want to explain re: the posing like a superhero. Okay, you’re all old, forgetful farts so I’ll wait while you go back and read what I said in para two. I is waiting, waiting,navel gazing, twiddling thumbs, nodding off –oh you’re back. So the thing is, the Ted talk by Amy Cuddy: “Your body language shapes who you are “was fresh in my mind. So I thought , in a roundabout way, I would let you fellows in on some info that will help you crush all us hacks on the track.
Put simply, if you stand in front of a mirror and pose like, say, Superman, you will reduce your cortisol levels and increase other hormones that might help you run faster, be more relaxed and reduce injuries. I also have read that too much cortisol ( a stress hormone) is linked to cartilage degeneration and stiff joints(it’s complex and I don’t understand it all so I won’t go into here) . “Thank goodness!” I hear you say.
Amy Cuddy also says that the “fake it’ til you make it” mantra could well be “fake it until you become it”. So I sort expected you all to follow my suggestions and pose like your favourite superhero, GL. Apparently, Con already has. My favourite superhero is ODDBALL from Kelly’s Heroes. Clear evidence this idea works. Woof, woof…
Google Amy Cuddy, body language, and you should find the talk or cut and paste –if interested.
Best wishes to you all (you’re among my favourite superheroes),

Braveheart said...

The use of lipstick was a widespread practice amongst the claymore wielding Scottish clans. The Garmin Lama is merely continuing a proud tradition. The original ingredients of the highland lipstick was mutton fat from the Blackface sheep, crushed rowan red berries, lavender and a few drops of haggis urine as a preservative (and to prevent the licking of the lips).

This highland lipstick, protected the lips from the harsh weather and was an essential part of the battle-face warpaint. The GL with his usual panache and as a leading fashionista of the world wide running scene has revived and rebranded this ancient concoction . Now available in full low fat gloss from certified organic farms in the glens near castle Sween.

A reliable source has informed that the GL is working on the design of a new range of running attire ..... starting with a minimalist high tech running kilt with built in panties ( to prevent chaffing) available in only the Mc Sweeney tartan. The GL logo will be emblazoned on the front.

Visions, of hordes of runners, lining up at the start line of major events in minimalist kilts and full gloss red lipstick, have the major suppliers of running gear very nervous indeed. Slogans such as "Just kilt the opposition" will resonate from the the mass of Garmin Lama runners resplendent in their Mc Sweeney tartan kilts.

Who cares, if a few of them look like pretty boys and can't resist the urge for a bit of extra eyeliner, mascara and rouge. If you feel good, you'll run faster. The Garmin Lama is "cool" personified . The alternative is to enter the cold, dark, humourless world of the Robot, devoid of joy and spontaneity.��
Get with the winning side!

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