20 October 2016

10,000m 33;34.

Did I manage to race myself back to form last night?
Yesterday I did my normal Roo+Lake 10.6km morning run (4;20 K's). 
Yesterday evening was a Queensland Masters Meet at QSAC (ANZ Stadium). Race start time was 7;00pm and managed to arrive in plenty of time. My standard 3km warm up. Conditions at the start were cooling down to around 22 O C and the wind died down as dusk fell. My plan was to treat it like a training session = Hard lap Float lap.
Cracked off with a 72 first lap, probably overcooking it but mentally (and physically) able to cope with an easy follow up lap. My glutes were giving some gip but otherwise ran well. I was very surprised to see the clock at 5200m 17;15 which meant I had gone through 5000m in 16;35 (why did I only run 16;47 on Saturday?). 
I managed to battle past the multiple walkers and slower runners by running in the second lane. 
Phil Davies was lap scoring/timekeeping and gave me a shout out that the Queensland M55 was on with 4 laps to go. 
My Hard lap Float lap had begun to morph together but this news left me no choice but to try and run hard through to the finish.Funnily I felt somewhat deprived of my last two float laps! 
My reward was to break Alan Bradford's 1994 Qld M55 record by 8 seconds. 
I managed to run with an average heart rate at 170bpm and pushed that up to 179bpm on the last lap. That's my maximum heart rate and  reaching it now always seems to cause me to wretch which I did  just after the finish. I was so close to puking but managed to hold it back. This was perhaps exacerbated by a curry at lunch time and  fruit during the afternoon which not surprisingly caused my stomach to cramp horribly during the latter part of my run.
My body was wrecked on my warm down and again this morning on my recovery Roo+Lake.
I believe 33;34 ranks me #1 in the World M55's Rankings at this point which will add pressure and put a target on my back!

On my knees after finishing, close to puking!
(Photo Peter Reeves)
Pete says winners are grinners.

The lads


TokyoRacer said...

I was going to say "good run" but i guess No. 1 in the world qualifies it as an "outstanding run"!

Ronnie said...

Great to see you hitting form again David. Breaking a record of an athlete of Alan Bradfords's calibre is truly impressive and you deserve to be well pleased. More to come? I suspect so given the right circumstances. Hope things go well at World Champs. Best wishes, Ron Peters.

Tom Highnam said...

Great stuff Dave.

Destiny calling said...

There's nothing quite like dawn on the Dugong way . The Rosey tentacles of dawn creeping above the Pacific rimmed skyline . A kaleidoscope of blues , pinks and yellows merging on a virgin canvas of sky emerging from the uncertainty of night into the promise of day . Hope and promise emerging from primordial chaos . A crisp sea breeze wafting along the broadwalk promising another idllic day in what locals call Garmin Lama land . Through the morning mist can be discerned the figure of a runner . He moves gracefully and effortlessly with a technique honed over years of meticulous practice . Timeless elegance . A Greek statue imbued by the gods with the gift of movement . Apollo jealous and Venus enthralled . As he draws near one is drawn to the steely focus of the eyes looking both ahead and inward . Self reflecting but expansive at the same instance , looking ahead to challenges to come. This is unmistakingly the Garmin Lama and he has a date with destiny . Newly returned from the United States where he lectured passionately on his mission of bringing Lamaism to an unsettled world his message echoing through the Grand Canyon , the man himself agreed to a brief off the record interview before embarking to the furthest most corner of his adopted homeland in quest for athletic immortality . " I'm very conscious that mine is not a personal mission of glory but more a beacon of hope for my countless admirers and devotees who identify with me and live their often meaningless and pathetic lives vicariously through my exploits ," opined the man many say is destined to be our next world champion and to a question posed by this correspondent seeking to get into the inner psyche of this remarkable man who long since escaped the stifling poverty of Glasgow to find stardom half a world away . What I asked him what were his thoughts in regard his recent record breaking spree that has catapulted him into favouritism for next month's world masters titles in Perth he gave a measured and diplomatic response . " I was stung when some critics said my 3k run was not a real record . That it was a consolation prize of sorts . What garbage ! I can only break what's listed in the record books . So I was determined to answer those critics and give my long suffering fans something to really cheer about with the 10k . I think I delivered in spades . If that's not a real record than we really do live in a matrix sustained on a diet of blue pills ." While I contemplated the philosophical implications of that reference I felt compelled to raise the thorny of issue of his nemesis the Green Trees twins and whether their jealous taunts were unsettling him in any way . Looking me straight in the eye he answered with the political guile of a hardened professional . " Oh you're free to think and say that , but I couldn't possibly comment ." With that the Garmin Lama gave me an enigmatic grin and he was off to finish his run, a gentle breeze at his back and destiny in his sights .

David said...

We really do live in a matrix sustained on a diet of blue pills don't we?

The Delphic Oracle said...

Remember Marsyas and keep a low profile . Never pays to get Apollo jealous .

The shipping news said...

The Garmin Lama is cordially inviting all of his league of fans , admirers , hangers on , cronies and those just simply looking to be part of an epoch defining moment to gather at the Wynnum foreshore park run this coming Saturday morning to celebrate his career and forth coming success at the World Masters .The GL , as he's affectionately known , will be leaving the Port of Brisbane at 8 am on a replica of the steamship the SS Glasgow , the very same tramp steamer that he smuggled away on some 30 years ago to find his way from the oppressive filth and squalor of a Glasgow slum to his adopted homeland where fame , fortune and notoriety were to await him . Rather than fly direct to Perth where he hopes to crown his career in spectacular style , the charismatic Scotsman will travel on this replica ship calling at ports along the way to press the flesh of his many devotees . It should be possible following the park run to see the SS Glasgow make its way across Moreton Bay before heading south and thence further onwards to a date with destiny . The ever affable Scotsmen was at his magnanimous best when he generously reached out to champions past saying , " I'd like to dedicate my up and coming success in general to my league of patient supporters but more specifically to my good mate Mike Trees , who while I stand here on the verge of my greatest triumph , he lays prostrate and bed ridden with a debilitating injury . It would have been Mike's 93rd park run this weekend had he been able to attend my departure run so it's only fitting runners will be competing for a special trophy in his honour awarded to the highest age graded performer on the day ." There wasn't a dry eye at the press conference when the GL explained ," I'm calling this award , the Big Mick , and hopefully we can make it an annual event . It would be great if a Scotsman could win it but come what may it will be a great way to send me off ." This is typical of the many selfless gestures that have made the GL a world wide marketing phenomena and the international face of Garmin . A big crowd is expected so probably a good idea to camp overnight so as to get a good start on the day .