15 October 2016

5000m 16:47.09

Shite ! Time is running out to get into shape for Perth, the countdown is showing 10 days 23 hours!
This morning I continued in my quest to get track fit with a 5000m at Masters, Queensland State Athletic Facility. Standard 3km warm up, few strides and we are off! My Garmin again immediately went into pause mode for some reason!
I wasn't starting that slow that it would auto pause for standing still!
I decided to try and run a steady first lap rather than the usual 72/74 I ran 78 and first km was 3:20 as was the 2nd. It takes some adjustment to run through 3km and see 10:04 on the clock. In my mind it should still be 9:30 but either age or fitness or both are making those days seem like history now.
With only 3 starters in the run and half a dozen walkers , I was overtaking from 600m. One guy, bless him, was in the outer inside lane and looking very unsteady as if he might stumble into me in lane two, as I past him twice a lap!
Standard Brisbane conditions 20/21 and breezy.
I continued lapping in about 81/82, ok for 10,000m but not quick enough for 5000m.
Ian Cameron dropped out at 3k and I lapped 2nd place Con with 600m to go.
16:47 is ok but not quite the sub 16:30 required to medal in Perth.
The 34:13 10,000m TT  form I ran last month seems to have deserted me. I won't go trying to train the house down to get it back but will continue with a 10,000m track race on Wednesday night (Masters), and a parkrun next Saturday to see if I can race myself back into shape.

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