09 October 2016

3000m 9:42.93

It's been a year since I raced track. Then it was a QMA 3000 against Mike Trees where he beat me and I ran about 9:32 from memory.
The training  track at QSAC has closed due to shocking state of the track. The good news being we can run at the next-door ANZ Stadium track which is in much better condition (but still poor!)
I had no real goals but just wanted to get the feel of racing on the track back into my mind. Worlds are only 17 days away!
I'd had a deep massage on Friday to try and work some of the glute tightness out of my butt, it left me still pretty sore.
Saturday conditions were warm and sunny (low 20's).
I wore my Australian kit to see how it felt (bike style shorts) and I wore spikes.
35 first 200 probably made it hard for myself going out too fast but started to settle down (get tired!) Pretty quickly with 3:10 first K.
My Garmin auto paused/slept right at the start so had to manually correct distance on Connect later. The race was in conjunction with a Walkers 3000m so was overtaking from lap 1. Didn't really take too much notice of the clock but was happy to finish just outside my goal sub 9:40 and also half a second inside Peter Reeves (The Robot) Queensland M55 Record. Not sure they will count it though as I didn't inform them beforehand I might run a record. You need to have an individual lap scorer. We did have electronic timing. Not really bothered as I want to run 20 seconds quicker.


coach dion said...

Solid come back time, so now on to run a real record

Herry Johnson said...
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