30 October 2016

World Masters Athletics Championship Perth M55 5000m 1st 16:43

Actually I had been dreaming of this race for 5 years since Perth were awarded the host city at the 2011 WMA Champs in Sacramento. When the day finally dawned I was still in doubt about my tactics for the race. The conditions though made that choice somewhat easier as a horrendous wind up the finishing straight meant attacking from the gun would be foolish, I'd bear the wind and Alex, Stuart and the others would have to chase. So the decision was to sit-in behind whoever wanted to lead and see how things would play out but with a vague idea I'd go from 3000.
So the first four laps were run at a dawdle. About 80 second laps or slower, the wind was a nightmare. Things were OK whilst a Columbian led with me trying to find the best position behind to shield, but when the others started to come around we all started to chop and push.
I had my heels clipped a few times and was this close to turning around and swearing but I only turned and did the glare!!
My thoughts now were someone is going to trip over and who knows what will happen then! So in an instant I decided to go for it and smashed out a fast lap. Afterwards Alex told me he instinctively went with me for 10m before he reconciled defeat to me and dropped back into the pack. I quickly built a lead to 100m and up to 150m by the last lap but was closed back down to 100m by the extremely fast finishing Alex (16:02 this year) and Stuart (16:27 this year Canadian M55 record holder). 
It was extremely hard work running up the finishing straight into that wind and I wrestled with the madness of my choice to break so early.
I was seriously happy to win because my race execution worked out beautifully. I really needed a large buffer to give the speed merchants no hope of catching me.
The win sets me up nicely for the 10,000m on Tuesday.
No new fresh runners to race, pretty much the same guys (not Alex or Stuart). 
If I respect the distance and the opposition I will be hard to beat.


Anonymous said...

Dave, congratulations on 2 gr8 wins ( and more 2 come). To overcome the injuries & obstacles u have faced the last few years & win at the highest level must be immensley satisfying - to battle thru the low spots you must have had and now achieve your goals, well done.
Will catch up some time when you return - no doubt a public hol will be declared, Northlakes parkrun renamed, keys to the city handed over etc.
Goodluck in the 10k, Dave S.

TokyoRacer said...

Nice time considering wind and slow early pace. Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Dave!

Well done on all your success mate, i don't have to tell you that you've worked hard this year to get back from the PF so i hope you enjoy this awesome achievement.

Well done again.