18 January 2012

10 X 400m @ 67.62 151bpm

Wed 5.30am 10X 400m - 120m jog recovery Nudgee


69.20  135bpm
68.96  146
68.40  150
69.18  149
66.86  153
67.63  154
67.10  155
66.66  155
67.02  157
65.22  158

I think the best set of 10 I have done this season and possibly as a Master, great conditions, even  if somewhat humid (97% !!). Had to do them in spikes as the track was wet from all the rain we have had over the last two days.
Getting up at 4.30am is now in darkness.

Tues 5.30am 10.55km Roo+Lake 45m22  4m18 K's
Mon 5.55pm 10.55km Roo+Lake 46m42  4m26 K's
Mon 5.45am 5.7km Roo 26m35  4m39 K's


Tom said...

Awesome set Dave. You'll smash my time for the 5000m this weekend off that.

coach dion said...

Your session leave me feeling fat and slow, I pushed out 4 x 2km last night (7:07 ave) but after a 4km warmdown at 4:10 I had nothing left, it was hot here in cape Town and I needed to stand around for 10min before the sweat stopped dripping of me.
can't wait to see what you do for the 5000m.

BeerMatt said...

This is 15:20 form! Great to see.