08 January 2012

5 X 1000m - 200m jog recovery @ 3m09.75

Sun 5.00pm Nudgee 5 x 1000m 200m jog recovery
Hot humid windy, I had spent the day at Dicky Beach.


Wanted to get back into longer reps but the wind would have made anything over 2.5 laps just too arduous, so I decided on an easier option to get me started.

3m09.56 150bpm
3m11.34 158
3m10.29 161
3m11.49 163
3m06.27 166

Tough conditions, but it was a start. PF is giving me more gip so icing, rolling the golf ball and strapping a towel, as well as the night splint Strasbourg Sock.

Sat 5.56pm 10.57km roo+lake 41.34 3.56k
Fri 5.54pm 10.64km roo+lake 42.12 3.58k
THU 6.33am 10.55km roo+lake 48.29 4.36k
Wed 4.49pm 10.6km roo+lake 45 Garmin switched itself off again - must be knackered after just 15months!
I saw a large black snake on Saturdays run, came upon it real quick, it wriggled off the pathway pretty quickly! Last week I saw a baby Brown snake after finishing my run, on the path opposite our house, these can be deadly, I got Max and Lily out to have a look, you have to keep your distance.


kevin f forde said...

I found gel heal cups good for battling PF

David said...

Thanks Kevin, I have ordered a silicone heal cup to see if that will help!