16 January 2012

3 X 2000m + 400m

Thur 5.31am 10.56km Roo+Lake 48m22  4m35 K's

Fri 5.50am 5.7km Roo 26m09  4m36 K's

Sat 5.11pm 10.56km Roo+Lake 45m05 4m16 K's

Sun Nudgee Track 11.00am 3 X 2000m


Too windy! 
Normally I prefer not to time windy sessions as the slow times induce negative thoughts,however I persisted today but kept the Garmin on heart-rate so that I couldn't see what the wind was doing.
Jogged 400m recovery.

#1 6m36.27 159bpm
75.00  140bpm
79.10  160
79.50  161
81.75  164
80.92  166

#2 6m30.94 164bpm
76.19  145bpm
78.87  166
78.53  168
78.95  170
78.40  171

#3 6m24.33  167bpm
73.09  145bpm
77.90  169
78.88  171
78.85  174
75.61  175

63.38  146

Noticed that the wind had dropped after I finished the session having jogged 600m of my recovery and decided to run a flat out 400m (madness!) .
Ran 63.38  (146bpm) which is as fast a rep as I think I've run as a Master.
The high (for me ) heart rate up into the 170's shows these longer interval sessions elicit the race intensity work I was seeking.
Hoping the PF does not get any worse as I am hobbling around in between track sessions.
Racing next Sat in the State Open 5000m Champs. 


coach dion said...

I'm running 2km reps this evening, I might be able to get close to 6:30, but than I wouldn't be able to walk tomorrow!!! I think I will aim at 6:50-7:00

Boy that 400m was fast, maybe I'll try one as well!!!

good luck with the 5000m

David said...

Thanks Coach!