03 January 2012

10 X 400m @ 68.46

6.00am Nudgee 10 X 400m 120 m jog recovery (90sec) @ 68.46

69.94 137bpm
69.60 146
68.20 149
68.06 152
68.26 153
68.63 152
68.95 151
68.64 153
68.63 155
65.75 157

I was thinking I'm better at 10 X 400 or 20 X 400 than I am 3000m or 5000m! 
I guess what I mean is the rep times I'm running in training should reflect better times at 3 or 5.
Today's session was another good session, I was flat out on all reps and tried to ensure they were all under 70 in particular the always slower second rep.
The holidays have knocked my routine about and I have decided not to race until I am back into the routine in a couple of weeks. I have another week off work ; )
Mon. 5.54pm 10.61km Roo+Lake 42m58 4m03 K's
Sun Rest
Sat 1.42pm 10.6km Roo+Lake 43m26 4m05 K's
Fri 3.35pm 10.59km Roo+Lake 45m09 4m16 K's
I am heading down to the Gold Coast for the day with the family! Cheers

1 comment:

coach dion said...

I'm starting to get strong again, so it a couple of weeks we will hit the track and see if we can ran as fast as you!!!

A friend has challanged me to a 2000m race, and after he beat me in a mile last year I want it!!! and if you can so can I...

Thank you