22 January 2012

5000m 15m57.66

Sat 8.30pm St.Lucia Queensland State  5000m Championship 15m57.66 12th Open

Well you know how I am about wind? I check the isobar charts on a race day to see if conditions will be good! Saturday was supposed to be calm but it wasn't, however saying that, I got to the start line and for all my niggles I felt good. 
I lined up with 36 others - yes 36 others! for the Queensland 5000m championship at about 8.30pm on Sat night at University of Queensland track St.Lucia. 
With that many running of course it was always going to be a blistering start just to try and get track position to run normal pace. I tried to hold back but still went through 1000 in 3:00. 
Large groups of runners and I tried to shelter as much as possible.
Got to 3000m in 9:30 and started to move through the youngsters. This is difficult because you feel as if you have made an effort to catch and you 'deserve' respite and to sit in for a while? No, go straight past them but the cost is expensive. 
I was happy with the effort I put in. 
I past Peter Bock ( no not the deceased Racing Driver) who has run 4:06 this year and 3:49 previously, I past Brendan Wheelan with a lap to go (he told me he ran through 3000m in 9m12 !).
I was happy to run sub 16 but dissapointed I could not run sub 15:50 in this  field running with the States best. I got lapped by 3 guys and probably finished about 15th 
I went through the bell in 14:44.

The race was won by Queenslands best (Michael Shelly excluded), my fellow Gladstone 8km Winner, Jackson Elliott. He is sheer class. Probably did not break 14 but he would have had to have run a huge amount of overtaking and lane two bends. 
2nd was Queensland previous longstanding best runner Peter Nowill . Now in his early 30's Pete has run some world class times over the barriers.
Third was Patrick Tiernan. He is a great prospect just 17 years old. He was 14th in the Gold Coast 10KM running 32m26. Look out for his name in the future.

I must look again for that Perfect Race if I am to achieve my goals.
I went straight from the track to a party and am feeling $hite right now ,not sure if I will get a run in today the PF is very painful and the hangover just as bad!

The Results are in and I am pleased to see I beat Grant Williams and Clay Dawson who beat me in the Cool Night Classic, Clay also beat me in the Bridge to Brisbane.
I beat Drew Williams who beat me by 30secs in the Bridge to Brisbane and  he also beat me at Gladstone in the Botanic to Bridge.

Men 5000 Meter Run QLD CHAMPS Open
    Name                     Age Team                    Finals
  1   132 Elliott, Jackson    31 GCV                   14:12.32
  2   111 Nowill, Peter       33 UNQ                  14:29.89
  3   690 Crook, Daryl        24 ASR                  14:57.56
  4  1123 Hosking, Michael    27 GCV              15:03.28
  5   486 Twist, Jay          24 UNQ                    15:18.76
  6   119 Nispel, Patrick     32 UNQ                  15:25.02
  7   658 Labinsky, Neil      33 MAR                 15:40.15
  8   682 Thomas (U23), Jord  20 QE2              15:47.69
  9  1042 Haigh (U23), Jacks  20 PAC              15:48.65
 10   311 MacCronan (U23), B  20 UNQ         15:55.13
 11   379 Barton (U23), Davi  21 QE2              15:56.45
 12  1164 Sweeney, David      51 UNQ            15:57.66
 13   989 Bock, Peter         30 MAR                 16:00.58
 14  6627 Whelan, Brendan     39 TNS             16:01.09
 15  1102 Williams, Grant     23 UNQ               16:03.61
 16   981 Williams, Drew      23 PAC                16:10.52
 17  1188 Dawson, Clay        31 IPS                 16:11.59
 18   736 Hulme, Adam         25 USC                16:24.04
 19  1136 Simmonds, Jamie     37 ASR              16:40.91
 20  1142 Hamann, Ralf        44 INT                  16:50.79
 21  1122 Hall, Jason         37 QMA                  16:55.70
 22  1055 Mahony, Francis     51 ASR               17:18.49
 23  2033 Langelaan, Tony     46 VIC                17:46.17
 24   660 Litfin, Tony        49 RNB                     18:20.86
 --  1061 McTaggart (U23), B  21 UNQ             DNF
 --   950 Gosens, Gerrard     42 TWH                 DNF
Same Race

Men 5000 Meter Run QLD CHAMPS Under 20
    Name                     Age Team                    Finals
Section  1
  1   322 Tiernan, Patrick    18 UNQ                  14:41.32
  2   396 Chambers, Courtney  17 UNQ            15:49.67
  3   689 Zenonos, Aristo     19 QE2                  15:57.18
  4   566 Hagan, Patrick      19 QE2                   16:10.93
  5   725 Blake, Sam          17 MAR                   16:18.52
  6   718 Anderson, George    18 UNQ              16:29.98
  7   854 Watkins, Julian     18 FTA                    16:53.23 
  8   865 Hadfield, Louie     17 PAC                   16:54.69
 --   395 Chambers, Charles   19 GCV               DNF

Friday  Rest
Thur 5.30am 10.59km Roo+Lake 46m40  4m24 K's


Easy Tiger said...

Well done Dave...should've been 2 heats, are they on an electricity budget up there?

Tom said...

Well ran Dave. Sounds like you fought the whole way in conditions tougher than the NSW equivalent. You never know when that perfect race appears, just keep racing.

TokyoRacer said...

Congratulations on a good race - especially since it seems you were out in lane 2 quite a bit of the time.

David said...

Thanks Guys

kevin f forde said...

Sub 16 at 51,not too shabby my friend!

Clay Dawson said...

Congrats on a great run David! What a scene that night was! I can't speak for Grant Williams, but I'm glad we've got each other to keep pushing our times down!

Congratulations on a great run mate!

(On a side note, by gps told me I'd run 5.45km by the end on account of the traffic I guess? Worth taking into account with your time right?)

Cheers and I'll see you round!