29 January 2012

Park Run New Farm Park 5km 1st 16m31

Sat. 7.00am New Farm Park Park Run 5km 16m31 1st

I was undecided whether to run Masters 5000m or make my début Park Run on Saturday morning.
I checked the weather and noted locally we were being buffeted by 30kph winds but in the city it was much calmer. That made up my mind, no chance of fast times if it windy at the track.
Got to New Farm and did a minimal 2k warm up said hello to Dennis Fitzgerald who gave me a few tips about the course. about 150 runners of all shapes and sizes, some with strollers and some with pet dogs. Besides Dennis and Glenda Bannaghan, few recognisable faces. Narrow start but was able to position myself on the start line. Cement  pathways were damp and with the first K having a number of sharp turns I took care and rounded them wide and slowly. I followed Dennis as he'd raced the course 2 or 3 times previously. After a K the course was fairly straight forward out and back along the pathway beside the Brisbane River up as far as a U turn at the Bulimba ferry terminal . Dennis had said he wasn't in normal full fitness shape as was struggling with some niggles post hernia operation a couple of months ago. So it was a surprise that well into the second K Dennis was still leading the way and I wasn't making up for a reserved first K. At times I thought Dennis might even gap me, but as we got to the turn around I felt him dropping pace and was finally able to pass and kick on. Running back to New Farm I passed the rest of the field and held on to a steady pace until the finish. I will claim an Open race victory as the opportunities in the future will be more and more limited! When I first came to Oz in 2004 and started running again, Dennis was without doubt the King of Brisbane fun runs, a multiple winner of many many road races and  this was my first ever victory over him (injury granted) but I'll take it ; )
My time was 16;31, Dennis was 16;50. 
My time fell short of Ronnie Peter's age grade record 89.58%  (17m36) mine was worth 89.30%.
These races are a great addition to our running calendar. Each and  Every Saturday morning, my thanks go to the organisers and volunteers who generously give their time so we can have a bit of fun and it is all for free!.
Here is Dennis showing me the way after about 500m I just worked out that the art structure to our right spells out FLOOD was erected to commemorator the 1974 flood.
New Farm Park Run web page is here

Here is the the same view 12 months ago! Rather appropriate!


Anonymous said...

pretty sure I was there on that day you smashed the course. Pretty sure you got the course record too. Haven't seen you or your amazing times since. Come back and dominate the event again :)

Anonymous said...

You should join our ParkRun New Farm Facebook group. WOuld be great to have you on board. We've got a few 18-20min 5km guys on it so would be great to get some advice on how to go faster. We can also post your blog for others to read. The facebook group is called Parkrun - Newfarm (Queensland, Australia) or http://www.facebook.com/groups/115342385268901/#!/groups/115342385268901/

David said...

Hi Anon and thanks for your comments.
I have been suffering chronic heel pain (plantar fasciitis)having treatment but no improvement yet. I enjoyed my debut parkrun at New Farm even if it was pretty humid. Had been looking to running it in the cooler Winter months but will have to wait and see how the heel goes!
I was really pleased to see Ronnie Peters son Jonny put the course record into respectable (out of my reach) territory 15m30'ish!
When I get back into racing I intend to challange Ronnies Age percentage record.
Will join the facebook group.