19 September 2012


Miserable not being able to exercise! I took my cycling gear cos I heard bikes were available to hire but both the roads and bikes are not worth it.
I tried to swim in the pool but two lengths put my heart rate up to 180bpm  and the lifeguard was on standby. Lily looked at me in my trunks and said I really need to exercise daily!
Nat and the kids are having a fabulous time which is really what it is all about, I may yet put in a token effort run as I enjoy getting exotic map locations on Garmin Connect, plus the chance to sweat out some beer would be mighty fine :-)

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Tim said...

Good effort Master, Two laps of the pool..........all of 12 metres will see you ready to take on our Tommy Highnam should you ever come down to Syd:)
Getting worried about you as every photo i see you have a beer in shot, might have to dig that old photo out of you in your cycling gear running.