25 September 2012

Running Indoors

It took me a week to find the Gym in this place but found the time this morning to make use.
I have never before run on a treadmill (that I can remember as maybe at Loughborough for exercise physiology we did?) Also not really ever exercised in a gym (even though I managed one in the mid 1980's in Hammersmith!
So did not know how to operate or Gym eticate, jumped on and pushed quick start, ramped up walking pace to running and got sweating!
Pushed up the pace from about 5min K's to 3:30 at the end of 30mins.
By which time the machine looked as if a bucket of water had been thrown on it!
noticed a couple then enter the gym and place towels on all the handel's etc prior to their walk:-)

I realized that my pain free run a few days ago was the result of the cocktail of drugs I had taken for Bali Flu as on easing back the drugs the slight pain represented itself.
We are back to BrisVegas in the early hours of  Thursday, till then Sayonara as my many companions from last nights clifftop Cultural Dancing thing here would say.

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