07 September 2012

Public Service

Out early for a run but was limping by my return and through the day :-(
Back to the drawing board for a cure!

Interestingly whilst I have been out on the bike I have managed to get my average heart beat up on a par with mine on a steady run.
If I did twice the distance on the bike, I might be able to stop the weight gain.


ronnie peters said...

Try cycling for cardio and walking that progresses to jogging and running for weight bearing exercise. I have had a few injuries in my day and i have come back by doing my speed work (cardio) on a spin cycle (20 x 60secs on thursday, 6x4 mins on tuesday and 3x10mins on Saturday until i can walk/jog/ run. For endurance and weight bearing exercise the body needs walking, jogging, slow running, running. Slow progression is the key.

The Cohen Brothers are pretty good at making movies. 'FARGO' is another good watch.

Best wishes,

David said...

Thanks Ronnie,
When it rains I will certainly try some interval work on the bike. Appreciate your comment, hope your OK as have not seen any results in a while so expect your getting over something or other. Good health to you!