06 September 2012

No Country for Old Men

American Indie Season: SBS ONE

5th Wed. 12.44pm Cycle 27.95km  3 X Cadel 58:08 140bpm - 
Got Swooped on two of the three laps, same ba$tard Bird, I need a gun!
4th Sep Tue.5.52pm Ran 10.60km Roo+Lake 48:28 (4.34K's) 140bpm
3rd Sep Mon. Rest
2nd Sep Sun. 4.03pm Ran 5.74km Roo 24:22 (4.15 K's) 153bpm
1st Sep Sat. 12.39pm Ran 10.57km Roo+Lake 48:11 4.34 K's 148bpm
31st Aug Fri.
30th Aug Thur. 5.04am Cycle 28.16km 3X Cadel 1:00:01 28.2kph 127bpm
29th Aug Wed. 5.06am Ran 10.28km Cadel 49:24 (4.48 K's) 142bpm
28th Aug Tue.4.57am 28.18km Cycle 3 X Cadel 59:42 127bpm
27th Aug Mon. Rest
26th Aug Sun. 4.04pm Ran 5.70km Roo 23:37 (4.09 K's) 155bpm - 
Saw an obese gentleman out walking on the path ('Obese' used to be such an extreme way of describing someone but I'll use it now it is such common parlance).
obese - excessively fat
He'd stopped and appeared to be looking up into the trees (the bush), as I run past I said 'Koala?', a woman's voice calls out from the bush 'You what love?' - needless to say I didn't look to where the voice emanated as I fear I'd have been floored by the sight of an obese 'lady' taking a pi$$ au naturel!
au naturel - completely unclothed
I saw a marvellous film on SBS on Saturday, 'No Country for Old Men', if you get the chance watch it.

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