01 September 2012

Swooping Season

Spring in Oz is a time when every runner and every cyclist must be vigilant!
It is swooping season!
I can't ever recall being swooped in the UK so I wonder is it just an Australian phenomenon a learned behavior past on from Mother to chick in the nest?
Every spring we fear for our ears and scalp as they come under attack like something from Hitchcock's The Bird's!
Attacked by hormonal birds mainly Magpies but also Miner birds and Pluver's.
They protect their nesting territories and have a particular desire to inflict GBH!
I have been swooped  on three occasions already whilst out on the bike.
As a deterrent I have put a red flashing light on the back of my helmet, it stopped the bastards attacking from the rear but did not deter side on attacks!
Many people try coating their helmets with 'ties', like a crown of thorns.
Today I tried the tactic or drawing eyes on the back of my running cap as I labored around 10k, oh my calves are just not used to running again yet and they scream in pain so much so that I don't even think about the heel.
Anyhow the eyes on the back may have worked as I was not troubled today.
Friday was a rest day Thursday Wednesday were cycle days and Tuesday I crawled around 10k Cadel.
I have got a long way to go and I'm not even sure if I'm out of the woods yet with the heel.

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