22 September 2012

Running in Asia

I had 2 bad days one laid up in bed which I put down to flu Bali Flu Man Flu I don't know what but it was like being hit with a sucker punch . I was out for the count barely able to get out of bed, whole body ache sensitive I city to light and sound and a sore throat. Saw a nurse got some anti biotics and about 4 other types of medicine dosed myself to the eyeballs and next day started to come through.
Did the Elephant Park Monkey Forest Volcano Bali tourist thing on a bus which the kids absolutely loved:-)
Today had another two lengths in the pool (watch out Tommy and Young Timmy for that matter!), had a full body massage (next to my wife) out by the beach and thought such exotic indulgence required some balance and decided to go for a run:-)
Unfortunately the beach path I chose petered out immediately and then I was forced onto soft sandy beach dodging parasailers and tow lines for boats, so got up onto the road and ran through slum alley as I dodged mopeds dogs and unrunable (at pace ) roads. The heat, humidity and my poor condition combined to have me close to wretching! Ran the other way towards Nusa Dua (where Obama stayed last year) and was able to open up a little going from 5:30 K's on the beach to 4:30's on the better paths. All up 7.77km for 4:54 ave and the heel did not hurt one bit:-) Celebrating now with my first Bintang in 3 days!!!! :-) 

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