31 January 2013

Crewe Alexandra

Rain on the roads this morning but not enough to keep me off the bike. Took it slightly easy as I didn't want to risk a spill.
On my second lap of three I spied another cyclist about to join my course. I didn't want to get overtaken and put the hammer down thinking I'd shake him, 3k later I glanced around and he was just 50m back. I put my head down again and pushed hard as.
Another 3 k later sure I'd dropped him but then heard him change gears right behind me.
He took a turn and the ease of drafting behind someone becomes so apparent. We got talking and it transpires he was a footballer who used to play for Crewe Alexandra, (Northern English town famous for having a large railway junction pass through it) he had moved to New Zealand got citizenship and played for the All Whites! Knee issues saw him retire and take up cycling.


Tim said...

Thats not far from me Master, did you get his name at all ?
Crewe always had a very good youth policy for years and produced many a good footballer to come through the ranks.

David said...

Hey Young Timmy if you had played for Australia it would have been you!
Didn't get his name, will do next time, young guy though about 35 with two young kids been here in Oz about 4 or 5 years.