01 August 2013

BBT Riverside 1km East

Thurs 12.40pm Sunny and 22 O C 59% Relative Humidity
I ran along the river as a warm up and tried using the Garmin workout feature,I programmed; 
warm up + 6 X 1000m +2mins rest + warm down.
My first K rep got incorporated into my 'warm up' 5.4km 22m50 4m14 K's
(will get the first interval KM breakdown from Strava later). 
I then reprogrammed the Garmin session to be 5 X 1KM with 2mins recovery.
1st KM
2nd KM  3m13
3rd KM 3m24
4th KM 3m16
5th KM 3m19
6th KM 3m14
The session knocked the stuffing out of me and I crawled back to the office 3.53km 16;35 (4;43 K's). I didn't like the KM road section I'd chosen for the session, too many cars, too many cyclist and road speed humps but it is a well used Strava segment so I thought it would be good running.

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