17 May 2014

Corporate Games 10.14km 35;29 1st

That made it 6 wins from 6 starts!
Yeah OK not many runners runners in this but I'll take the victory thanks all the same
They started the 5 k and the 10k together which pleased me as staggering the two nearly always causes drama with the faster 5k runners or the faster 10k runners having to run through the others competitors. My aim was to run sub 35 and to "win" the 5k as well as the 10k.
Nearly managed both, hitting the front at the start and steadily pulling away from both fields. The courses is run on a cinder path alongside the river not very conducive to fast running. I went through the halfway in about 17:22 and the 10km just outside the track in 35:04, we finish on the track running 110m to the finish line. I'm happy enough with the time though seeing 34:xx would have been good for my first 10k in about 2years. I won by about 3mins and will go better on Tarmac. Due to run Gold Coast 10k where I've managed to score a seeded start (sub 34 Gawd help us !!)


SBx said...

Great running David. Bravo.

The honour roll of runner's up said...

Two victories in one race . Only the GTrain could pull that one off ! Was a seeded start at Gold Coast ever seriously in doubt for the Garmin Lama ? There would have been riots throughout the Indian sub continent if it wasn't granted . Now the nefarious blood sucking age graded vampires ,not to mention peddling vultures, will once again inevitably begin to soar high over new potential battlefields turned graveyards looking to gorge their gluttonous and obscene desire for fresh victims willing to sacrifice themselves in battle and have their names recorded besides numbers that inevitably start from the consolation of the runner up's digit and never feature the perpendicular and solitary digit now monotonously assigned to the world's most famous Iberian flaming bagpipe performer who features prominently on this blog .

Reality came knocking and said...

What the robot is saying in his normal rambling dribbling and incoherent fashion is that he expects to be out age graded again at the Gold Coast 10k . What's new about that ? Of course he will lose again . He always loses. Maybe he needs to take up a new hobby . Bagepping for example . Needs to grow up and get a life . Maybe learn to cycle .

David said...

Hey Pete your 91.8% age grading at the weekend did not go unnoticed! Congrats on gaining that one second you were looking for at Minnippi!
The age grade leagues are stacked the longer the distance as well the higher the age (!!) Your on a certainty mate! I will be busy gouging the food and drink they put in the seeded/elite runners tent!!

David said...

2nd in Australia

The Pelican's Briefs said...

Well done David.
Amazes me that you can sit on the sidelines for so long, and then return and churn out those fast times, whilst mortals like me are struggling to beat geriatric dribblers 10 years older than us.
I am glad not to be doing the 10km at the Gold Coast this year, given the hiding you would give me, and worse, the amount of dribble that such a showdown would generate from looney tunes. Doing the half instead, where I am hoping to go under 100 minutes.

If only you put a chain on that bike of yours, you would go places. How is the TT bike going?

David said...

Hi Francis, though I had two weeks off in April May (knee) and two weeks off a few months earlier with calf, I've had 10 months back running. Shame that we wont get to see the Robot and the Pelican duke it out at the GC but goodluck in the Half - as ever it will be a quality field!.
First time I got on the bike it felt very unnerving holding the tri bars! tended to wobble and feel less stable but have been out a second time and felt more comfortable - I guess it will take some time getting used to it and tucking down. If it improves my time will think about upgrading from my http://www.specialized.com/nz/en-au/bikes/archive/2012/shiv/shivelitea1apex

The understudy said...


Yes, the TT bikes feel very unstable first time up.
A few rides will help.
What will help even more is riding it where you don't have to worry about vehicle traffic, either races or go down to the Nundah circuit where you can ride without having to watch for cars.

If you have money to burn, you could look at one of these bikes.


This is the bike I ride:


It is fitted with electronic gears, thus I can change gears easily when I am either on the TT bars out the front, or hanging onto the hoods when coming in and out of corners.

Bikes were mostly 10 speed, now they are moving to 11 speed.

You shouldn't rush to upgrade, given your existing bike is reasonably recent, rather use your existing bike to get an idea of what you want in a TT bike. In the meantime, you could look to get a set of aero wheels which will help, and they can be transferred to any new bike. (although you can't upgrade earlier model wheels from 10 speed to 11 speed).

I have a SRAM 60 on the front, and SRAM 80 on the back. These are similar in depth to a Zipp 404 on the front and a Zipp 808 on the back. Side winds can be an issue with aero wheels, however with the sizes I have, I can pretty much ride any course without issues, whereas a disc rear wheel can even be banned if the wind is too strong.

So some wheels, maybe a bike fit, and then work on the engine. Hill repeats of a hill like Dayboro to Ocean View will help, ride out there, do 2 of them, ride home.

Scottish backpackers guide to down under said...

You may find these words come up in the conversation .
Garmin Lama : this is the name that expatriate Scotsman David McSweeney is known as on the Indian sub continent .

Lord Garmin : the name that David McSweeney is known as in the Western world and following his elevation to the peerage for championing various hopeless causes .

GTrain : term given to David McSweeney when in full athletic kit and setting numerous age graded records . Usually heard in the context, " go the GTrain !".

GTrained : the process of being rolled by David McSweeney in a race . An example would be , " gee it was good to see the Robot GTrained again !" .

The Robot : Nemesis of the GTrain . Hopelessly inferior cybernetic running life form . Prone to dribbling and ranting . Needs to get a life .

The Pelican : outstanding proponent of the Cinderella sport of Duathlon . Encyclopaedic knowledge of obscure statistics and technical data and now technical adviser to David McSweeney .

Lusty Lucy : ex model turned mud wrestler and managed by David McSweeney . Has been romantically linked with him in cheap gossip columns and the gutter press . These rumours have been denied and law suits instigated .

Drooling : term given for the prospect of the GTrain and the Pelican going head to head in the the cinderalla sport of Duathlon .

Inevitability : the result of such competition .

The honour roll of runner's up : where the pelican meets with inevitability .

Flaming Bigpipes : the sound of inevitability ( as in Mr.Smith quote ) .

Training Wheels : Balancing wheels now discarded by the GTrain .

Anonymous said...

Well done in your 10km David. I'm loving the banter between the Robot and the Pelican. It seems the Pelican has taken a bit of pressure off you from the so called dribble from the Robot which is what makes your blog such an interesting read. That's a great ploy on your behalf to get the pelican involved but I'm not sure if he can handle the nonsense as well as you can. Good luck in your next race.

Lance Armstrong said...

Anonymous is right on the money Dave . Pelican looks a bit soft to me . The world of age graded sport is ruthless mate . No quarter asked or given . Much tougher than pro cycling . Plus in my sport you only had to deal with honest drug cheating and not these forged birth certificates . i've seen photos of the Robot and that dribler isn't a day over 30 and we all know it . You'd never get away with that in the real world of dishonest sport . Pelican's a bit soft as a manager as well . You have to read between the lines a bit with all the technical crap to get to the point he's trying to make , which is basically that he's saying your bike is pretty cheap and nasty Dave . If you go in a Duathlon with it you're going to get laughed at . He showed you his bike . Now look at yours . Chaulk and cheese mate . That's why he can go 40kph plus .That's why they call him the Pelican . That bike is the real deal . Automatic transmission for Christ's sake . You can't buy a decent state of the art racing bike at Kmart . Just use some of the profits from that book of yours and treat yourself to a decent set of wheels . Pelican is good with the technical crap but in my professional opinion I reckon he's to in awe of you to give you the tough and honest advice you need . The whole world of pro cycling is on to your blog mate . We can't work out how you do the flaming bag pipes trick . Maybe the Pelican can tell us . He's good at that !

ex school mate said...

I went to school with the Robot . He's 32 . Who's he fooling ? Shaved head and a bit of flour in the beard and then ticks the geriatric box on the form . Both you and the pelican look every weary day of 57 . You pair heard of Botox ? What I mean is you guys pass the credibility test . You look the part . Old . We've seen your X-rays Dave . Lot of weathering been going on there mate . That damage doesn't happen over night . Takes well over half a century . Reckon we just take 30% off the Robot's age grading and we're much closer to the mark . Tell the Pelican not to draft the 80 minute baloon either at the Gold Coast . Pass or sit 20 metere back . We'll be watching .