01 May 2014

"Reevesy used to be a runner in Ipswich and everyone knows him,"

Serenely running along in the dark this morning when at about the 4km mark a tickle in the back of my throat caused me to start coughing and cough I did for about a km - must have swallowed a fly without knowing it. Had to stop and drink. All was well. Cruised around the dampened paths of North Lakes holding myself back slightly to conserve what, I am not sure, but hoping to give my all at the Minnippi parkrun on Saturday.
Peter Reeves remains the out and out favorite to take 'age grading' honours as he routinely runs 94% on the track. I hope to keep him honest but will be pleased to limit the losses to 3% or under.

Peter is a colourful character read about the day he won over $6000 here;


He won the $3000 handicap prize plus he won $3000 at the bookies backing himself!! 
No wonder he was crying!!! $6000!!!
Ipswich athletes PJ Reeves and Darrin Norwood gasp for air as they head to the finish line.


The robot's aged care manager said...

Media outlets have commented that the man known in aged nursing homes world wide as the Robot may have backed himself into park running oblivion by incurring the wrath of the Garmin Lama's league of passionate followers . The robot , who it is widely acknowledged is suffering from premature senility , only scored the narrowest of victories in the Ipswich Mile owing to the absence of McSweeney from the field that day . The controversial champion of Scottish independence is well known to have made a small fortune that day himself realising his message of support to the robot before the race would be the decisive factor in insuring victory . The fact that the Robot did not mention the Garmin Lama by name in the post race media conference was more an indication of a deteriorating memory due to old age rather than a slight on the man who had inspired the victory . The robot offered no comment when asked whether it was true that he had placed a six figure sum on his mentor to win this Saturday's Park Run extravaganza and was backing himself only for a place. Perhaps he's not as dumb as he makes out !

The bookies said...

Despite attempts to down play his favouritism status in this Saturday's mega spectacular World Park Running extravaganza , the man known as Lord Garmin looks set to dominate the race , as confirmed by the fact that bookmakers have ceased taking bets on whether he will win but only by how much . Due to the fact that the course comprises more than one lap the Robot has been all but ruled out as a serious contender as he will forget which lap he is on and become disoriented . His odds are at best 2 to 1 to get lost and fail to finish . The man known as the Pelican is considered a threat on a damp course . Should the race be decided in a judges' appeal rather than a sprint finish than his keen knowledge of obscure technical rules could play a decisive part. His odds have shortened as a consequence during the week to 5 to 1 . Con Dimauro is an outside bet and is known to have strong links with the underworld and the mafia . He is a current Australian masters 1500 champion but the fact that he has put his life savings on the GTrain to win by more than one age graded percentage point clearly shows where the smart money is flowing . Phil Davies cannot be discounted if courage and determination are factored in . He admits that reading Lord Garmin's book , The Mr.Garmin Story , turned his career around especially chapter five and as a consequence he has borrowed heavily to back his hero to win by 2 age graded points . Barry Broe is the clear darling of the Public Service where his common touch and quick Irish wit has raised his profile to near cult status . Of greater relevance is the fact that in a coup for organisers he was able to persuade his wife ,Olga , a former Russian beauty Queen to hand out the winner's trophy at the Civic reception following Lord Garmin's expected win . It is rare for the GTrain to be upstaged but this could be on the cards when , as expected , the woman known as the Queen of Siberia hands his lordship the winners trophy and poses with him before the world's assembled media . It has been rumoured that the Garmin Lama only agreed to participate in the event if the stunning Russian beauty attended to hand out the trophies . Lord Garmin is not averse to be seen photographed with beautiful women and has been linked with former model and now turned woman's mud wrestler, Lusty Lucy , also a former Russian model with links to Pussy Riot . Of course anything is possible on the day and English bookmakers are offering a 1000 to 1 bet that first contact with an alien species will occur on the day of the race , down from a million to one only a week ago . Lord Garmin has twitted to his adoring fans that his installing of the robot as favourite was clearly done tongue in cheek and is proof that the Scotsman's sense of humour has not buckled under the weight of global and intergalactic expectation .

SETI said...

In a stunning development that may overshadow Saturday's blockbuster international Park Ruuning showdown spectacular , astronomers say they have made contact with an intelligence that is not terrestrial in nature . To put it more bluntly E.T . is calling mother earth and the boys at S.E.T.I are on the boil and have picked up the phone . The message was at first thought to quasi stellar interference but that has been ruled out . That's because these guys are the consummate professionals and don't fall for every pulsar that bleeps away with the monotonous regularity of a Lord Garmin Park Run victory . The message , which will obviously be of a passing interest to the average jogger , will be broadcast live at 9:00 pm Friday the 2nd of May and you'd be a mug to miss it . Stay tuned .

The cleaning lady said...

Never seen so much dribble in all my life. Hard work cleaning it all up. No sooner have I got rid of it, more appears. Might need to hire a real cleaner, you know the ones, that put down race horses, wayward criminals and old farts who have lost their marbles. Maybe an accident could be arranged, where the robot falls off his horse and knocks some sense into himself. Even Bernie Madoff said he could find some investors who would be happy to put some money in to get the job done.

Cleaning ladies for Lord Garmin said...

The prospect that criminal parties could play a factor in determining the outcome of the greatest Park Run in the history of park running became a real possibility yesterday when death threats were issued against certain parties by those with links to trade unions and others with affiliations to big business . Passions have obviously reached fever pitch and fortunes stand to be made or lost not to mention sporting careers on the outcome of this highly anticipated global spectacular . Security will be ramped up to ensure that Islamic extremists or proponents for civil unions between consenting Garmin implanted adults do not use the race to draw attention to their perverse political agendas . Lord Garmin has called for calm and has pointed out to his league of mentally deranged fans that this is in fact a foot race and not a horse race and that the robot would need no equestrian assistance to fall over and the prospect that sense could be knocked into his senile and dementia riddled brain as a result thereof relects the thinking of a party with a mentality as prone to detachment from realty as that of the mentalities he alludes to .

SETI message broadcast to the world said...

T...H. E
G.....T..RAI....N !