13 May 2014

UK Masters half Mara rankings 1990

I saw this photo on Facebook today and thought I'd share. Super depth and super fast times 24 years ago. Pretty sure the depth and speed have dropped away ,check out yourself on http://www.thepowerof10.info/the power of 10 website , register for enhanced rankings access its free!

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The ghosts of rankings past said...

Their speed dropped away ? Sad it is no longer politically correct to say they just may all have died of old age .Let's hope the GTrain doesn't end up like this in 2038 . That's why he must be captured in bronze . Lists may age and grow old . Bronze simply matures with age and bird droppings only add an extra dimension of character. For those wishing to contribute to the " Lets Bronze Lord Garmin Appeal " simply come and support your hero at this Saturday's State Government Corporate Games at St. Lucia were donations will be accepted and of course be tax deductable .