26 May 2014

Sandgate parkrun 24th May 2014

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Garmin world said...

Tired of the lack of good quality age graded competition on offer in his home State the Garmin Lama looked to new avenues of conquest and so headed south last weekend in search of ripe and fresh fields of conquest and age graded glory to plunder and pillage . Fortunately his manager , the Pelican , realised such a trip was fraught with inherent danger , for if word leaked out where the GTrain would be performing , traffic chaos and bedlam would ensure as throngs of Mr. Garmin supporters would flock to the venue to get a glimpse of the man now a world wide celebrity . Therefore it was wisely decided that his Lordship would race at Parramatta park run under the alias of the , " Unknown Athlete " . Known or unknown the result was never in question . A massive victory of course which would have , save for anonymity , been a coveted Australia wide number one rating for the amiable Scotsman . The Garmin Lama now has his sights firmly set on an age graded victory in the upcoming Gold Coast 10 k road race . Naturally he is the major draw card for the event and obviously seeded number 1 . In fact he is so well seeded organisers have announced that he will preside over the planting of a California Red Wood seedling , henceforth to be dedicated to the enduring legacy of the Garmin Lama . It is expected to reach maturity in the year 4014 and serve as a tourist attraction and pilgrimage site for millennia to come .