28 March 2015

8 x 1000m ave 3:15.6 with 53.7sec recovery

Sunday I headed off to Scarborough for 20km easy along the peninsula (4:07km)

Tuesday back to Nudgee for 8 x 1000m.
Conditions warm humid and breeze was picking up.
2000 warm up and into it. I run with the Garmin but can not read it when im running so never know what my splits are till I get home. Wanted to keep the recovery short but also wanted to run the same 2.5 laps, so decided to run back across the infield each rep. Felt like recovery was pretty swift covering 100m in ave 55secs and the Ks ave 3:15 which I was happy with in those conditions.
The rest of the week was recovery though I had to change things about a bit when abroad closed off my standard roo+lake for 3 days!
This morning I headed to North lakes parkrun for a bit of a tempo 5km. Took it quite easy at start, chatting with 2nd placer Ben Merlin for first lap. But your not supposed to be able to chat on a tempo so I put my head down and hot to work. I didn't mind getting blocked overtaking from lap 2 I was just trying to keep in controlled looking for the gaps to pass. I felt quite light on my feet which is a good sign. 16:28 official time including a 3:12 km which is race pace!
Tomorrow I want to head up to Budrim for the first Sunshine Coast Cross Country 12km plus 3km.
I enjoy doing that much more than a long run by myself.
Sydney Nationals 10000m on Friday 5000m on Sunday staying with relies in Engadine.

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Juicy Lucy said...

Suck it up Monna ! And he wasn't even trying . You're living in the Garmin Age now buddy . Get use to it .