29 March 2015

Jucee Lucy

Thanks Jucee I was wondering why you mentioned Monnas and I see he ran parkrun yesterday too, 16:26
Quite tight between Monnas Brave heart and me!

This morning I ran the Sunshine Coast XC series race 1 at Buderim!
Ronnie and Scroopy were also taking part. Queensland must be one of the few places were you need to apply suncream for  a crop country! It was hot!
Ronnie's son Johnny took off at the start and that was about all I saw of him until the finish! Another youngster was in second and I was 3rd from the gun. The Bockster was 4th (Peter Bock) he's not one to race XC seriously much more of a 1500 guy.
Anyhow the kid looked like he was coming back to me after 2 of the 4 laps, but I wasn't in a great hurry to chase him down as the effort was too hard!
However the kid caved and I caught and past him early on 3rd lap, to bring it home.
I twisted my ankle slightly on a small ditch close to home and decided to give the 3km a miss. Didn't really get a chance to catch up with Dave or Ron.


Greg Cowley's Mum said...

Can't quite make out who Greg just nudged out in Saturday's results mate . Just curious .

David said...


So Sorry PJ!
Just didn't see you there! Your normally in the 90's% so you must have been having an easy day too!

Survivors of Ipswich Park Run support group said...

Easy day ! You come and run Ipswich park run David . It's not North Lakes you know . Bring rope , tackle and oxygen .

The collective voice of mankind said...

The hopes and asperations of the down trodden proletariat masses of the world including North Korea are with the Garmin Lama on his glorious quest to rewrite ( Garmitulate ) the record books at this coming Easter Master's Nationals . From the dreary slums of Glasgow to the snow capped mountain peaks of Nepal , not to mention the futid jungles of Papua & New Guinea they all hold their collective breaths that their hero will give them renewed vigour and hope for their pathetic worthless lives through his sublime athletic endeavours . They that the running gods glorify and raise high they first Garminise . It is to be hoped that the Garmin Lama , a man clearly identified on the now distant Yoyager space probe as the face of mankind his hand held in permanent salute to alien species , will keep his adoring public posted as to his exploits . For those who may have felt slighted or demeaned of late due to the stresses of the Minnippi Park Run challenge the Garmin Lama says only and is happy to be quoted that , " if you can't take the heat than don't come into the kitchen !"

Oxford Dictionary update said...

Garmitulate : verb : to utterly destroy and demoralise . Comprehensively defeat . First used in connection with the Garmin Lama in connection to his world champion park running exploits .

Garmin Lama : noun : ageless heroic figure and champion of the down trodden masses . Face was used as the template for the Statue of Liberty and the voyager space probe's representation of mankind . Now recognised as the international face of Garmin .

Volunteers of the Ipswich Park Run said...

Don't worry David, your age grading would only drop a mere 3% if you came out and had a crack at the age grading record at Ipswich Park Run. The great Steve Monaghetti has graced us with his presence on several occasions. Since you have out age graded him and even purposely slowed down at the Gold Coast so as not to better his 10000m record the least you could do is make a guest appearance and hand out some Juicy Lucy dolls.Your fans would be out in force and it would be the biggest Ipswich Park Run yet if you attended. Don't let a few hills scare a man of your stature.

Juicy Lucy said...

Dear Volunters
The Garmin Lama is in overwhelming demand the world over . Don't you read this blog at all . He's going to North Korea this year (via Japan ) to negotiate a permanent peace settlement on that war and famine ridden peninsula . He champions worthy causes like Dugong conservation . Isn't enough that he sends you all his best wishes and kindest regards . You lot out at Ipswich have got a real nerve not to mention having no manners whatsoever . That's why the GL left Glasgow. He's had a gutfull of run down socio economic backwaters and rust bucketed housing estates with feral delinquents running wild on the streets totally unsupervised by welfare dependent so called parents draining the finances of the state dry. He couldn't care less how many times Monna has come out there . If you people out in Hicksville ( I mean Ipswich) want to see the Garmin Lama up close and personal in action than come to Minnippi Park run on May 2nd . Some of you may even get an invite to the Breakfast after if you learn how to behave yourself and get some manners . And lay off the wise cracks about my dolls . They're collector's items I'll have you know and they last about 2 seconds on eBay before they are snapped up ! So go suck eggs !