06 March 2015

Queensland State Champion !

Queensland State 10,000m Championship 1st 33;43

I get to the car park at SAF and saw an exact replica of my car (same make model class and colour) but with the rego 
it was a prophetic sign, sent by the Robot to inspire me (he has often written about LUSTY Lucy but a JUICEE  Lucy will do).
The conditions were ridiculous. 
I sat for half an hour in my car in the car park with the air con blowing and the outside temp showing at 34 O C and it was windy as too!
I cut down my warm up to 2km and even then got back sat down and the sweat poured off me.
I felt awful and didnt feel like racing at all.
All up about 20 runners started and I for once didn't go for time, 
this was only ever going to be about the race. 
I tucked into a group of about 6 of us, Dennis Fitzgerald did all the leading, Mick O'Shea, Clay Dawson, Patrick Hagan and Michael Colston (along with me [Sweeney] this race could have been in Ireland!).
The heat and wind were oppressive and I did well to tuck into the inside lane except during the multiple lapping scenarios. 
Early on I didn't feel great and there was a point where the group very nearly dropped me.
The guy in the orange vest Siune was a PNG runner who ran about 65 on the first lap (!!!) he hung with our group for a while but I ended up double lapping him!
His name is a pigeon version of mine!!
Soon after the 'near dropping', the pace slowed and I started chopping my stride to stay at the back of the group. It felt very easy and we carried on like that for 15 laps!
I went through 5000m in 16;33. 
Are you looking at me??

Patrick Hagan was the class of the field, not sure what time he's run for 10KM but he's about a 30 minute guy easy. With 10 laps to go it looked like Patrick was going to make a break as he pulled wide but he actually dropped out! But as I was covering his move and pulled wide and decided to keep the momentum and make a break with 10 laps to go!
What was I thinking??

I gapped the field immediately, we'd dropped from running steady 80's 81's to mid 80's and I reckon I must have gone sub 80 for 2 laps. I was convinced that I would be caught but managed to work hard and hang in there. At the bell I realized I had it won because the bell wasn't rung again till I had passed 300m to go! 
Wow  I was going to win the State title at 53! 
It was definitely worthy of a finish line salute!

Ronnie won the State a few years ago so I wont claim to be the oldest ever State track Champion but nevertheless it was a tremendous thrill for me and I was chuffed to bits! 
Of course in many ways my victory is a damning indictment on the state of 10,000m running in our State but in truth you have got to be seriously motivated to race 10000 on the track in our conditions. My time was shitehoussen but I'd be a minute quicker on a calm cool day.


Runner's Fashion Today said...

It was a triumphant Garmin Lama who punched the thick languid humid air at Qe2 in last night's triumphant 10k open championship win and in doing so introduced us to his new range of trendy runner's jocks courtesy of his new production company Golden Lama .
" I promised my fans something special tonight and I think I've delivered in spades with this new range of runners jocks . "
enthused the popular Scotsman who now can boast a cult following amongst the scoundrels and rascals of Papua & New Guinea where he is known by his pigeon name of MacSuine or the Goldie Lamie ( pigeon for Golden Lama).
" I felt these jocks gave me the winning edge tonight . Denis had standard jocks and you can see clearly from his running action they were slowing him up considerably . I know jock itch and chaffing is a taboo subject which is why I'm raising it's profile here on this forum and doing something about it . Now I'm a roving ambassador for nuclear disarmament I thought I'd call the colour I wore tonight Yellow Cake . I also have a Uranium Red and for my Japanese followers there is Doomsday Black that I'll be wearing at the Hiroshima classic I'll be running in August."
Of course not all the action was happening on the Tartan Broadwalk but quite frankly all eyes were on the trendy fashion conscious Scotsman who while leaving a great deal to the imagination of his league of followers still showed enough to wet their appetites as to what stunning fashion statement he'll come up with next to top last night's tour deforce of running apparell. Golden Lama Radiation Jocks will be coming soon to a running store near you so don't miss out . Scientific research shows they boost performance by at least 20% . If you want to run like the Garmin Lama then wear Go Lama jocks ! Feel that performance edge .

TokyoRacer said...

Great time for your age (actually, I hate it when people say that) and the conditions. Ok, let's just say "for the conditions."
And the krazy kommentator didn't let us down....

The big green tick of approval said...

Great to hear from you Tokyo Joe . What a treat it will be for you when Dave visits Japan this year . You can finally get his autograph ! David hasn't released his racing itenary as yet but is Hiroshima far from Tokyo ?
As for the Krazy Kommentator (sic) he simply calls it as he sees it . We know you Japanese are a liitle reserved and shy whereas we Australians just allow ourselves to fully immerse ourselves in Lamarism . As Dave pointed out we have so few running Gods in this country and so few statues to them ( we have one of Clarkie falling on his arse ) so we had to adopt a Scotsman . And not to put to fine a point to it TJ we did beat you guys up pretty bad in the War . You won't be trying that nonsense again any time soon . So treat our adopted hero with a little more respect . OK .

Proved I wasn't a robot again said...

Yeah Tokyo Joe was well out of order picking on an Australian Icon . Why doesn't he come down from his Mt.Fuji high horse to Minnippi on May 2nd and see what real racing is all about . Savour the cult of Garmin Lamarism first hand . Swoon to the melody of the bagpipes and mix with the rich (mega) and famous .

ps : how are the bronze Bazzas shaping up Barry ?

The voice of challenges lost said...

Great to see Ronnie back in form . There are few runners who can out charisma the Garmin Lama but Ronnie is right up there in that select pantheon of living immortals . What a treat if Ronnie could be enticed to the Minnippi tidal marshes on May 2nd . The Geiger counters would be abuzz in Hiroshima and the air of excitement palpable even into that very heart of darkness which in Lama Land is the remote highlands of Papua & New Guinea where even in that tropical futid jungle wilderness the myth of the Garmin Lama has penetrated and Ronnie's winning of an open 10k track title at age 59 still causes pigs to be ceremoniously sacrificed and offered up to those capricious ruuning Gods that rule the fate of men and Lamas alike . What a mouth watering prospect . Even Tokyo Joe and SBx will be salivating !

TokyoRacer said...

What?? I said he ran great.
And I love those long, journalistic comments. Want more of them.
PS: I'm an American.

Fans of the Garmin Lama said...

I think The supporters of Dave McSweeney would like longer and more interesting comments from you "TokyoRacer". Maybe some interesting facts about your races in Tokyo and a bit more praise to the great Garmin Lama instead of just saying, "well done " or " great time". Maybe you could take leave from America and attend the Minnippi Park Run on May 2nd and see the great Garmin Lama humiliate you and leave you in his dust.You could probably even shake hands and get an autogragh from our cult figure afterwards if he hasn't gone home by the time you finish. If you're lucky he might have started production of the Juicey Lucy dolls by then. We expect more from your next comment.

Juicy Lucy said...

Yes I completely agree with those comments who ever you are . Trying to apologize for insulting an Australian Icon by claiming dual citizenship is simply throwing fuel on the fire . You said he ran great only for his age and for the conditions . So what's that mean ? He's a stupid old fool who should know better than go out in the blazing sun ! We're sick to death of foreign dual nationalists picking on our Aussie weather . Don't you listen to the words of our national anthem mate ? Sunburnt bloody plains mate . We don't whinge about it . We put up with it and don't go on about it . You can't blame climate change on us TJ . You yanks started it . The GL has been trying to do something about it for yonks and no one will bloody well listen . We expect nothing less than a full apology in writing and a personal one when the GL attends the Hiroshima Classic road race this year . And don't think we don't know this is just not a cheap trick that the Robot put you up to so as to undermine Dave's confidence for his May 2nd Minnippi world park run title defence . Well it won't work TJ .

Ekiden Earl said...

Australia Running: A few big fish in very little pond.

Japan: Many very fast fish in bloody deep ocean.

So when TJ say good running, he mean good running.

I like Robot. He funny! GL very fast dugon.

Please consider following results before lampooning Japanese runners.

18th National University Men's Half Marathon Championships
Tachikawa City Half Marathon
Tachikawa, Tokyo, 3/1/15

1. Tadashi Isshiki (2nd yr, Aoyama Gakuin Univ.) - 1:02:11
2. Naoki Kudo (1st yr, Komazawa Univ.) - 1:02:12 - PB
3. Yuta Takahashi (3rd yr, Teikyo Univ.) - 1:02:13 - debut
4. Ryo Shirayoshi (3rd yr, Tokai Univ.) - 1:02:16 - PB
5. Naoto Uchida (2nd yr, Teikyo Univ.) - 1:02:20 - PB
6. Kenya Sonota (3rd yr, Komazawa Univ.) - 1:02:20 - PB
7. Shota Baba (3rd yr, Komazawa Univ.) - 1:02:21 - PB
8. Kazuki Tamura (1st yr, Aoyama Gakuin Univ.) - 1:02:22 - PB
9. Yuta Shimoda (1st yr, Aoyama Gakuin Univ.) - 1:02:22 - PB
10. Satoshi Kikuchi (2nd yr, Josai Univ.) - 1:02:23 - PB
11. Hiroshi Ichida (4th yr, Daito Bunka Univ.) - 1:02:25 - PB
12. Shoya Okuno (3rd yr, Nittai Univ.) - 1:02:26 - PB
13. Kentaro Hirai (3rd yr, Kyoto Univ.) - 1:02:30 - PB
14. Naoya Takahashi (3rd yr, Toyo Univ.) - 1:02:31 - PB
15. Yusei Tsutsumi (3rd yr, Teikyo Univ.) - 1:02:38 - PB
16. Ryohei Nishiyama (3rd yr, Kanagawa Univ.) - 1:02:38 - PB
17. Yuki Muta (3rd yr, Meiji Univ.) - 1:02:40 - PB
18. Yusuke Nishiyama (2nd yr, Komazawa Univ.) - 1:02:43 - PB
19. Masahiro Miura (3rd yr, Waseda Univ.) - 1:02:45 - PB
20. Jinnosuke Matsumura (2nd yr, Josai Univ.) - 1:02:46 - PB
21. Rei Omori (1st yr, Chuo Gakuin Univ.) - 1:02:47 - PB
22. Toshio Takaki (3rd yr, Tokai Univ.) - 1:02:51 - PB
23. Sho Tokunaga (3rd yr, Chuo Univ.) - 1:02:52 - PB
24. Taiga Machizawa (2nd yr, Chuo Univ.) - 1:02:52 - PB
25. Yuichi Yasui (1st yr, Waseda Univ.) - 1:02:55 - PB
26. Shinichiro Nakamura (3rd, Waseda Univ.) - 1:02:57
27. Kazuki Uemura (3rd yr, Toyo Univ.) - 1:02:58 - PB
50. Takaya Sato (2nd yr, Yamanashi Gakuin Univ.) - 1:03:50 - PB
57. Ryusei Yoshinaga (1st yr, Aoyama Gakuin Univ.) - 1:03:59 - debut
100. Junya Matsuzaki (2nd yr, Aoyama Gakuin Univ.) - 1:04:28 - PB
159. Kohei Mukai (1st yr, Koku Gakuin Univ.) - 1:04:59 - PB
200. Takumi Hanazawa (1st yr, Koku Gakuin Univ.) - 1:05:21 - PB
265. Taiga Hosobuchi (2nd yr, Teikyo Univ.) - 1:05:59
300. Ryohei Sakamoto (3rd yr, Senshu Univ.) - 1:06:17
380. Chikato Shimoguchi (3rd yr, Koku Gakuin Univ.) - 1:06:59 - PB
400. Shizuya Uchimoto (2nd yr, Chuo Gakuin Univ.) - 1:07:14
407. Yuki Kawauchi (Saitama Pref. Gov't) - 1:07:19
476. Masaki Kimura (3rd yr, Takushoku Univ.) - 1:07:59 - PB
500. Makoto Iwasaki (1st yr, Surugadai Univ.) - 1:08:16
568. Yuki Kujirai (4th yr, Kokushikan Univ.) - 1:08:58
600. Daichi Ohara (1st yr, Heisei Kokusai Univ.) - 1:09:24
643. Hikaru Takano (2nd yr, Tokyo Kokusai Univ.) - 1:09:59

Ekiden Earl said...

Apologies to Robot. I realise you not lampooning depth of Japanese running. Just embellishing everything for fun. You Australians! Robot runs fast for old man and is really nice person, so E.E. beg T.J, to, as sign that all is forgiven, send Robot some WD-40. Maybe Robot send GL airplane ticket to cooler climate so he can realise his full potential over 10k. Better still, everybody send me cash so I can spend it on brand new Garmin.

E.E. have to go now as he prepare to jump in muddy little puddle and become a bona-fide Six-Foot Hick.

Hikaru Takano said...

Hey thanks you guys for picking up that I broke 70 minutes in the Nationals . Didn't think anyone would notice . At the Hiroshima Classic Memorial Half Marathon I only did 70:01 . I know I didn't finish in the first 200 at Nationals but gee it's good to get some recognition for such a piss weak effort . When I finished the officials had already packed up and gone home so I was lucky to even get a result posted . Don't worry about Tokyo Racer . He's a bit of a wanker stirring up trouble all the time . I've heard they've cancelled his visa and he'll be deported home soon . The Garmin Lama is big news "up under" here and we can't wait for him to visit this year . The May 2nd world park run challenge at Minnippi is also being keenly followed here . We're all hoping Ronnie PetersSan will be running and Braveheart . Ekiden Earl must be a bloody keen fisherman with all those fish references . But as we say in Japan , " even small fish are sweet !"

ロニー said...

申し訳ありませんが公園を実行ピートしますが、ロニーは出席することができるではないので Minnippi 公園実行 5 月 2nd.

Lawyers for the Garmin Lama said...

The simple answer to the above question is that no there isn't any age grading standard to attend Bazza's Bloody Bonza Breakfast Gala presentation after the run at Minnippi on May 2nd . In regard the reference to Juicy Lucy being a so called " comfort woman " this scurrilous slur has been handed on to our solicitors to pursue for possible defamation action .

Voice of reason said...

Don't get your knickers in a knot you lot . It only implies Juicy Lucy is a slut . Not that she is one . It was just a joke but the Japanese language doesn't allow for subtlety of humour. David said he stayed in the car with the air conditioning on . And it didn't cost him the record . Japs don't understand Australian humour . David knows how to deal with these women who throw themselves at him . He's a professional . TJ has stired up a real hornest's nest here when all we want to do is focus on running . So come on you guys enough is enough . Lets focus on May 2nd and leave the Garmin Lama's love interests out of this . It's getting tacky .