04 March 2015

Bronzed Lasse Golden Bazza

The great Finn, Lasse Viren seen here holding a limited edition bronzed statue of himself. 
He also has a life size statue erected .
We should celebrate our champions and immortalize the greats.
Thierry Henry and Dennis Bergkamp have their statues at Arsenals Emirates Stadium. The King (Wally Lewis) is immortalized at Suncorp. 

Which running Gods in Australia deserve to be immortalized?


Superannuation Today said...

Million Dollar Bazza , a well known philanthropist and Garmin Lama devotee , has not denied rumours he has proposed to have the affable Scotsman cast not in bronze as tradition dictates but in gold and to be placed in the foyer of the executive building in George St .
"I think David , as he is referred to by close family , friends and intimates , deserves some kind of recognition for his tireless charity work he has performed with hopeless causes down over the years . I've proposed to the premier that David be made a roving ambassador for nuclear disarmament and in that role he will represent Queensland at the forthcoming 70 year celebrations of the dropping of the A-bomb where he will also be an honoured guest of the Japanese Emperor ."
Bazza , as he prefers to be called on Strava , has also said the entire Queensland Public Service sends it's collective best wishes that a long standing state Masters's 10k record be obliterated on March 5th , hot weather not withstanding .
" Moral is low at present and this is just the shot in the arm we need to lift spirits."

Well tha't cleared that up said...

What I think Braveheart is saying ( refer to previous post) is that a Golden statue of the Garmined One is certainly a splendid idea and why hasn't it occurred to someone before ? Probably because of the immense cost involved I should imagine . This is where rich and influential friends are worth their weight, dare I suggest, in Gold . Smaller and cheaper imitations of the real thing could be presented at the Minipppi park run challenge . The full life scale statue hence forth to be called the Golden Lama and the smaller copies Bronze Bazzas . The Garmin Lama has also revealed that he will be trialing a new range of Garmin Lama running attire that will pass the stringent QA dress code at this week's 10k track championships . Stay tuned for a fashion update after the race . Remember the words of the Garmin Lama , " Image is everything "

Anonymous said...

As the Garmin Lama is supposedly a living God in Katmandu he would be a logical pick for an Australian running God .

Inevitability said...

Yes I agree the Garmin Lama should be immortalised in Gold or Bronze or whatever alloy is available . Certainly not Silicone for obvious reasons ! . The GL reminds his league of followers and devotees that May 2nd at Minnippi is where a petition can be signed to have a suitable statue erected there as well as to the one to be donated in George St . As the GL said at his morning press stop,
" Track races and records come and go but the true measure of the athlete is how they perform under age graded conditions . This is where I have performed time and time again with monotonous regularity against the world's best and where I will prove myself again on May 2nd . As to whether I deserve a statue is for others to judge but going on my twitter following alone you'd have to think so . "
The GL ( as he is known in Japan) urges his league of followers to get out and cheer his record attempt at tonight's 10k Masters' championships . All wish him well and God speed .