14 March 2015

two of the best M50's in the world : Andrew Green and Mike Trees

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this is Mikes results history from the past 10 years;

and this is Andy's;

I tweaked my calf on Tuesday 8x800 ran OK on Wednesday but thought discretion the better part of valor and decided to rest it for 3 days.
No point in pushing it beyond limits and besides don't plan on racing for at least three weeks.

Major goal now Tokyo where I'm meeting up with two of the worlds greatest M50 runners. These guys were one year below me at Loughborough Uni. Mike made a career as a pro triathlete in Japan while Andy ran 2:10 Mara racing all over the world on the road.
Mike topped the M50 World rankings from 1500 to 10000 in 2014
Andy has just run 15:33 and 31:32 on the roads in the UK both world Age M52 records!

Andy is single handedly redefining what M50 World Class running is all about! His training is phenomenal.
So I have my work cut out just holding my head above water racing these two over 5 or 10 on the track and a 10km on the road! My target goals the Aussie M50 records look pedestrian compared to what these guys are doing.


Masters News said...

While the Garmin Lama was nowhere to be seen yesterday , sparking wild speculative rumours that he had fathered a child by latest love interest Juicy Lucy to media commitments in Japan , there was no doubting his presence was keenly felt at the Masters1500m championship clash of the Titans at QE2 stadium . In a race that lived up to all pre race expectations it saw Con Dimauro , a man known well on this blog for his uncanny resemblance to David McSweeney and for which he is paid handsomely to impersonate , take the early lead and like John Landy attempt to run Ian Cameron (Bravehreart) into the ground with the Scotsman cast in the role of Bannister chasing down his elusive quarry . With the race seemingly in his keeping Dimauro led clearly coming into the straight when his tall lanky opponent unleashed a withering finishing burst that saw him snatch a miraculous victory right on the line . Both athletes were quick afterwards to pay tribute to their mentor and idol . Dimauro , while disconsolate at doing all the heavy lifting early in the race only to lose in a nail biting finish , said ," it's one thing to look like the Garmin Lama but another thing to run like him ." Ian Cameron ( alias Braveheart ) was also quick to praise not only his crest fallen opponent but the man he looks up to as a father figure and quipped , " It was a weird experience as I felt I was running against the real Garmin Lama himself such is Con's uncanny resemblance to my illustrious countryman . Then I thought , wait a minute , this is just a mere mortal I'm running against here and not a man worshipped as a cargo cult god in the highlands of Papua & New Guinea . With that thought I took off and wrote another page in the glorious life story of the Garmin Lama . What a privilege to defeat his doppelgänger !" When asked if Go Lama Radiation jocks had played any part in proceedings both athletes claimed it had . Braveheart saying it lifted his performance by the advertised 20% whereas Dimauro could only attribute 19.9% as his Yellow Cakes as he called them were a size too small . Braveheart's Tartan Blues fitted like a glove he claimed . It was left to Braveheart to have the final word , " I think I need to pay credit to Paul Shard as well . We thought he may with years of therapy and reading and rereading the Mr.Garmin story perhaps one day line up in the wheel chair Olympics but to see him running freely today was a real credit to David who in the guise of the Garmin Lama gave hope to poor Paul and lit a small candle at the alter of his rehabilitation which has now turned into a blazing inferno . What a credit it is to the GL and we can only hope that Shardy is aware of the debt he owes to my kinsman ."

Anonymous said...

Yes it's amazing how even when the GL isn't running he's not far from the headlines . Mr.Green Trees will have his work cut out footing it with our hero at the Hiroshima classic in Tokyo later this year .

Triathlon news reporter said...

Fresh news straight from the Mooloolaba Triathlon Is that Dennis Fitzgerald has pulled out of his Triathlon team after his humiliating defeat at the hands of the great Garmin Lama at the recent Qld 10000m track championship. He was replaced by Matt what's his face who ran around 35 minutes for the hilly 10km leg at Mooloolaba. Fitzgerald was asked by the athletics press before the race" Do you think you've got the Garmin lama's measure tonight" and he answered "I'd like to think so". "So what time do you think you'll run Dennis" the press man asked. He replied, " I reckon I should be able to run 32:30. After doing all the early leading Dennis got shown up by the great Garmin Lama and he shouldn't under estimate the powers of the great man in future races.It's hard to believe after getting smashed by the Garmin Lama Dennis can't face another 10km race at the moment.

Anonymous said...

I guess you could say poor Fitzey got Lama'ed ! May need to buy a pair of Garmin Lama Radiation Jocks to lift his performance next time ( or even make the starting grid ) .

Anonymous said...

Yes Denis was certainly left with egg on his face . It's one thing to talk the talk but another thing to walk the walk . One thing for sure is that the Garmin Lama is like the Pony Express of days gone by and always delivers . On time every time . He'll deliver on May 2nd as well . Stick it right up Mr. Green Trees !

Braveheart said...

Don't worry about the two sassenachs, the Evergreen Trees Duo. The Garmin Lama will take care of them at the Tokyo Showdown.
I was contacted by the Garmin Lama Scottish fan club and they are planning to send a team of runners to the Minnippi Park Run on 2nd of May. The club was ecstatic watching the recent 5000 meter race on Fox Channel. As the Garmin Lama crossed the line, with a huge winning margin, a joyous roar erupted in the highland clubhouse. Overcome with elation (and a few drinks) the celebrations went on until the wee hours of the morning. Since losing the vote for Independence last year and recently the cricket there has been little to celebrate (although it was great to see England make an early exit from the comp!). The Garmin Lama is oblivious to pressure and it is the pretenders to the throne that should be worrying.

The power of less than 10 said...

An air of intrigue surrounds the appearance on this blog of the mysterious Mr. Green Trees who some sight as a potential and genuine threat to the world park running crown of the Garmin Lama at the Minnippi park run on May 2nd . Others have dismissed him as a hoax or worse still a psychotic misfit drawn to the Garmin Lama cult for reasons other than the wholesome worship of all things Scottish . Sources close to the GL have said that he is growing sick and tired of the malevolent misfits who've been stalking his blog of late and sees Green Trees as simply another troll in the same mould as Lusty Lucy , the Robot , and the Pelican ( where's he been lately ?) . No sooner is one put away or another buried than more appear of their elk drawn irresistibly for all the wrong reasons to the celebrity cult of Garminism combining it with their own idleness and neurosis . If Green Trees is in fact a genuine threat ( the jury is out at the moment unless someone knows something about the power of 10 ) and not a figment of a distorted twisted mind than they'll probably just appear as another footnote in the appendix of the Mr. Garmin Story, a book that is already top of the list of banned books in North Korea . What greater tribute could there be to this grand opus to human triumph over adversity !

North Korean Workers Daily said...

More questions than answers have been raised in regard the identity of the elusive Mr.Green Trees as the plot thickens in the build up to the May 2nd world park run challenge at Minnippi parkland reserve . The constant in this gripping international equation is Japan . Tokyo Joe ridiculing and belittling the achievements of an Australian (and Global) icon . Then Green Trees apparently linked to the Japanese triathlon circuit . Finally there is the Garmin Lama himself invited by the Japanese emperor to add credibility to the inaugural Hiroshima classic road race in down town Tokyo. Rumours instigated by parties close to the larakin Scotsman say this may all be a clever ploy to broker a breakthrough in diplomatic relations with North Korea . Whereas the rogue nuclear armed state has been highly critical of what it claims are bourgeoise and decadent elements in the highly acclaimed best seller The Garmin Story it was apparently an error ( a mistranslation) in the translation of the book from Gaelic into Korean that was at the heart of the misunderstanding . Apparently the word "proletariat " ( an apt word indeed for the GL , such as he is a champion of the common man ) had been mistranslated into "posser" , a highly offensive word not in keeping at all with the image of our hero and also in some versions into another "p" word used in a derogatory fashion to describe persons who identify as gay . The Garmin Lama , while highly supportive of all minorities ( carbon not silicon based ) , is well renowned for his dalliances with female groupies drawn to the cult of Lamarism so that "p" word certainly does not describe him . For this reason the book was deemed unsuitable for the starving masses whose miseries could only be compounded through such base and vile language . What better way than for a celebrity cult figure to slip unobtrusively into the worker's paradise of North Korea and launch the corrected Korean language version of the Mr. Garmin Story than under the guise of starting in some obscure non IAAF sanctioned road race that wouldn't hold a candle to the extravaganza that will unfold at Minnippi reserve on May 2nd . Where Denis Rodman failed perhaps the Garmin Lama can succeed in brokering a lasting peace settlement in that tension torn peninsula through the launch of his book . Certainly the tension and drama are building much as happened last year in regard the world park run age graded challenge although this year it promises to be even better with Bazza's Bonza Breakfast expected to be a social highlight to kick off May Day celebrations world wide .