05 April 2015

Australian Masters Athletics Championship

Friday 10000m 1st 33:03

Conditions were great cool! About 18 C drizzled rain and little wind. Always planned to go out hard and hang on.
Led for about a lap then M40 Neil Pearson passed and gapped me . I had Bruce Graham for company for the first 5000 16:24 but he dropped off almost as soon as we past halfway.
I did my best to ignore the finish line clock never calculating my laps or likely finish time but the halfway split told me Ronnie's 32:54 would be safe, but I never felt I was going to be for it finishing with 33:03. Which is 9 shy of Ronnie, but I was happy to break an Alan Bradford Championship Best Performance though sub 33 would have been better but then I'd have been really annoyed at not getting up to Ronnie!
I had Bruce for company for the first 5000m of the 10000m (other chap being lapped)

Saturday morning was going to be a nothing day so headed out to local Menai parkrun for a stroll. Pi$$ing down and the least conducive course and me not knowing it had me running 18:10.

Sunday 5000m 1st 16:05
Rain finally stopped overnight and dawned warm and sunny.
Much warmer than any of us anticipated during the race. Bruce picked up a virus and was a non starter which left me pretty much to run by myself for the whole race. The only time I noted was 3000m in 9:38. Finished in 16:05 to miss the CBP by 3seconds which was a disappointment.
I think to crack it next year I'd have to race only the 5 and miss the 10 but Adelaide is a long way to go for one crack at a record.


TokyoRacer said...

Nice double, congratulations.

Caiigula's ghost in reply to Coach Dion said...

Doin carus ! Vos autem in verbis frugi . Lama esset glorificatus cum poeticis in Garmin befitting hoc quod imago iam decessenti solari spatium in naviganti tam probe et praecones in auroa novae Garmin age .

Swedish Garmin Lama appreciation society said...

Congratulations till Garmin Lama om hans fina prestationer I Sydney . Men han maste ha atanke att den verkliga tavlingen ar Minnippi alder graderade varlen utmaning den 2 Maj .

Anonymous said...

I see Fossil's book was on sale at the track in Sydney for $30 . That works out at $3 per 10 pages . The Mr. Garmin Story sells for $24.95 and is 785 pages . Talk about value for money ! Of course the first run was sold out but the GL says he is penning a sequel that will hopefully led finally to a complete trilogy . The Garmin Lama says he is still deliberating on the title for the May 2nd Minnippi World park run challenge . However he did say Braveheart is back in the running following his NDE on the last lap of his 5k that had officials and spectators mortified in horror . Keep those suggestions coming in . All will be considered . Deceased is a big advantage but don't let that stop you from being in the running .

Anonymous said...

Certainly added another chapter this week end !

kevin f forde said...

Way to put down a marker for Perth next year,well done mate!!

The GL's press agent said...

The Garmin Lama will announce soon the winner of the let's name the Minnippi World park run challenge contest to be held on May 2nd . He wishes to thank both the living and the not so living for all their suggestions and for some , grovelling . Stay tuned for the announcement .

Tom Highnam said...

Nice runs Dave! Conditions much more favourable down here in Sydney. Was chatting to Neil P on Saturday morning at Striders and he seemed pretty chuffed with his time - he's now locked in for attempting a sub32 at the Launnie 10km. Be there!