01 April 2015

3 x 1600m 1;49 recovery 5;05, 5;07, 5;08

A drenched Nudgee track last night but at least the actual rain had stopped by the time I started my session. Grateful that for once it wasn't a battle into the wind.
10 minute warm up, few strides, throw off the top and into it.
Decided to run in flats as have not run in spikes for a while and racing on Friday so didn't want to deal with calf muscle pain. As ever, ran the set completely blind on times just pressing the lap button for start and stop. Happy enough with set though I am a long way off Andrew Green (M52) who last week ran 4 x 1600m  4;55 with 2mins recovery - he is setting the bar so very high!

My heart rate is working

Here are my splits


coach dion said...

I would be happy with a set like that...
maybe next session I will run a bit of track, am also thinking of lining up for a couple of park runs through the winter!
If I stay injury free I might aim at sub 16 for 5km... I have a para-olympian wanting a 1500m so maybe I should join him on the track!

Juicy Lucy said...

Hi Dion
If you think the Garmin Lama is going to send you a personal invitation for May 2nd Minnippi park run world age graded challenge mate well it doesn't work like that buddy . In a perfect world where we are all uninjured then pigs fly as we say Downunder and we all break 16 minutes like our super hero . We would all be happy if we could do a set like the Garmin Lama Dion but we can't and that's why his image has now gone beyond the reaches of the solar system and out into the cosmic void on the voyager space probe . It's why when you look at your Garmin through the Joe'burg smog haze desperately hoping it won't block out your satelite connection that you think of Dave whose image is now irrevocably synnonomous with Garmin . If your looking for a "winter " park run which blind Fredy can see is an obvious reference to Minnippi park run on May 2nd then by all means drop in . Bring your para Olympian friend . Bring who ever you want . Just don't hold your breath waiting for a personal invitation .