26 April 2015

Sunday run Callahan Road 24km 1;44.41

Beautiful morning for a run but still a little hot.
I took a gel along for nourishment as there is only one tap in the first 20km.
Australians have a term 'ferrals' to describe earthy looking drongos. Two of these were walking along the road with beer cans in hand (@ 11.00am!) blocking the pathway. 
The distraction was enough for me to miss my right turn at Mackie Rd Narangba, and the only water fountain outside of North Lakes! but I was happy enough to continue on Narangba Rd to Callaghan Rd before turning right and heading back in the direction of North Lakes. It was fortuitous as Callaghan is a beautiful road full of acreage homes with some rolling hills to test you. 
24km is a good distance for me so I will repeat this in the future.

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