26 April 2015

Sunshine Coast Cross Country Maleny Golf Course Obi Obi Creek 12km 3rd

Boy it was cold up in the mountain country that is Maleny! plus it was pretty windy real cross country weather ? actually not a patch on what you'd have to cope with running in the UK!.
Johnny Peters again disappeared off into the distance like he has done on the previous two races in this series. His only difficulty would be trying to stay on two feet and stay on course. This race is run over the Maleny golf course which is under construction and presently consists of about 4 or 5 holes. The course runs up and down the sides of fairways and the hills were pretty hard word compared to other courses this year. Ryan Devlin who I had previously managed to beat (first two races) started fast and hung on very well to beat me by a minute. The course was 3x 4km.

I managed to get out in the afternoon for a 10km Roo+Lake run to loosen up the legs for Mondays recovery run.


Garmin News said...

The Garmin Lama , whose Image is now a beacon of hope for humanity venturing beyond the confines of our Solar System , took time out to refect on this week's ultimate test , The World Age Graded Distance Running Challenge combined with Minnippi park run. He reminded us all that while Saturday would be a celebration of running perfection there were wider issues to consider. " I've long championed the cause of women in park running . A lot of narrow minded cybernetic misfits lose sight of the fact that women are people as well and can perform wonderful feats in regard park running . I always encourage rather than overshadow them by signing autographs and putting up with the quite frankly obscene antics of some of the more emotionally challenged 'groupies ' as I call them . Those women attracted more by image than substance , although while I excel in the former the latter is in no way neglected , as Juicy Lucy will confirm." When asked to elaborate as to whether a women could ever out age grade a man in a head to head challenge , the man who has made tact a synonym for Garmin chose his words even more cautiously , " I'm always treading a narrow line between being supportive and not crushing fragile egos . It's a careful balancing act . Under the blow torch of intense competition this sport of park running can become a brutal battlefield of dog and dog . I'm focused much more on my own performance quite truthfully . If a woman excels spurred on my example than good luck to them . " Its easy to see how this larrikin but loveable Scotsman has carved a special niche for himself in the wider world of sport . Some men leave us with memories while others leave a legacy . The Garmin Lama defines an entire epoch . The Garmin Age !

Qld Seniors said...

We fully support the elderly in our community staying active and are pleased to announce that in conjunction with Parkrun we will be providing an information stand & display at the upcoming Minnippi event. We will have our qualified & professional staff on hand to provide advice on a range of topics from the latest mobility aids & devices, health issues and matters of a more personal nature. We are pleased that one of our medical staff, Dr J Lucy will be available to discuss specific issues associated with running (is viagra performance enhancing??, mid run incontinence etc). We will also have representatives from QLD Mental health with us as it is evident from the comments on this blog that their intervention is clearly needed in some cases - they can provide advice to concerned family members on how to deal with dementia (clearly advanced in some of the contributors), delusional behaviour etc.

Dr, J .Lucy said...

The Garmin Lama , a man whose name is now listed on the New York stock exchange as a corporate empire , would like to advise his North Korean fans that the World park running challenge will not be called off due to wet weather . If narrow minded officialdom wishes to cause an international crisis by closing their circuit due to a little light drizzle then the run will transfer to Wynnum . A final confirmation will be posted tomorrow evening and hopefully the site doesn't crash under the strain of a billion or so hits .

Juicy Lucy's ode to Ronnie said...

I was chatting to David ( I mean the GL) last night . He's terribly upset he didn't equal your 10k record as he did with Monna's record . Apparently it was a faulty Garmin implant that was the issue . Nine seconds over 25 laps is nothing when you think of how long David's image will be in space for on Voyager . Billions of years probably. David feels it will be a very hollow victory tomorrow if you're not there as well making up the numbers . So Ronnie if you're out there come along mate for David's sake ( and mine ) and cheer him up by letting him beat you on age grading and let that be some compensation for him in missing that outstanding record of yours . He has this fantasy ( and I blame the North Koreans for this ) that he will break your Aussie 1/2 marathon record . I pander to him but I think it would be a lovely as opposed to a grovelling gesture for you to turn up and help make this a day for David to remember . I reckon you'll be in the record books for as long as Voyager is in deep space . He looks up to you I know and since he lost Gertrude he's been a bit down . Looks likely that Wynnum will be the venue but a final decision will be made today . Hope you can make it for David's sake . You could even bring Johnnie . David could pose for a photo with him . For free ! I'll arrange it .