26 April 2015

Sandgate parkrun 2nd 16;23

I ran this one hard, a flat out effort, a young lad managed to stick with me and out sprinted me at the finish. It's a shame he didn't put more effort into his own performance rather than just going for the win.I saw some photos of me looking 'all out' and him hardly breathing! My attitude in nearly every race is to run all out! is there any kudos really in winning a parkrun?
At the finish I looked at my watch and was a little disappointed (even surprised) to see it read 16;23. It felt like at least a sub 16 effort. Mind it was very high humidity 90% and perhaps I was also feeling the affects of a flu jab I'd had during the week (hope so anyway!).
In the age grading Anne Ryan smashed out a 93% top performance whilst I comfortably held off the Robot (Peter Reeves).

Over 350 of us in this parkrun!

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