15 May 2015

100km plus per week club

With some Half's coming up over the last few weeks I have raised the mileage by doubling on Tuesday and also either Sat or Sun depending on XC /parkrun running. It has just pushed me over the 100km a week mark for about the first time in my masters career. I feel the need to recover from my Tuesday track session and my weekend long run so nothing much in-between though ideally if I could I'd like to be able to put in a second session on Thurs/Fri but the risk of injury may increase exponentially so I'm unlikely to add further quality.
Following my average run at Wynnum parkrun on; 

Sunday 3rd May 24km 4;24 K's

Tuesday 5th May a.m 10.6km Roo+Lake 4;04 K's
p.m. Nudgee 4 x 1500 with 94/80/82 secs jog recovery in 4;54, 4;51, 4;52, 4;46

Saturday 9th May 20km 4;18 K's
Sunday 10th May a.m. 10.6km 4;18 K's  p.m. 8.4km 4;14km

Tuesday 12th May a.m. 10.6km 4;17 K's 
p.m. 400/4x800/400 73 secs recovery 69, 2;27, 2;28, 2;27, 2;26, 67

Was happy with that last set, it only put me a few seconds behind Andrew Green (running in the UK in windy conditions the night before [same Phil Hicken session]) who is currently blitzing world age bests for M52 , he has just run 15;30 5km road, 31;32 10km road and 71;11 Half !! 

Barely imaginable times. 
He's running a 5000m tonight in Manchester UK, could run something very special!

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