17 May 2015

SSCXC Mooloola 12km 1st 45;07

A tough hilly twisting course beside the reservoir. It took me a while getting into my stride and on the first of three laps I settled in behind Satoshi Ashioa who at times dropped me!
I was poor on the tough uphills which came at us four in a row and I was also poor on the downhill as I tried to prevent the momentum from crucifying my knees and hips! I have been suffering some sciatic pain (self diagnosis) through my right leg for the last 6 weeks but running has not been affected until today where for the first time I could feel the issue at the top of the hills or on the tight twisting forest sections.
I sensed Satoshi was struggling after the hills section the second time around so I passed and kicked along the dam causeway section gapping him after about 500m.
It is a single track through the woods with a number of metal pole chicanes designed to stop trail bike riders from using the paths but these do a very good job of stemming your stride and rhythm. I wished I had worn my heart rate monitor as my heart rate felt like it had gone through the roof as I went over the hills.
A comfortable victory in the end to add to my two runners up and one third place in the series. Johnny Peters was away this morning at an engagement party.
I think I'm a crap cross country runner but 12km of running through the woods beats 20km on the road, and is excellent conditioning. Will try and run this arvo to see if I can loosen up any knots.


Anonymous said...

stunning old boy

Tokyo Joe said...

It was a somewhat chastened Satoshi Ashioa ( 978th in line to the Meiji throne ) who came off second best in a very bruising and battering encounter with the man set to make his international debut in the Japanese runner's home country later this year . Ashioa , running some say to gather intelligence on the form and tactics of the Garmin Lama , was left with more questions than answers on how to stop this Scottish juggernaut's irresistible rise to master's running immortality . Since being handed custody of the Landy Legacy , the man whose face is now as recognisable in Tokyo as it is Glasgow, has been steadily building form after his heroic exploits in the world age graded challenge where only chivalry and old fashioned gentlemanly manners stopped him from claiming back to back world age graded crowns . Rather than be seen as a defeat it has simply enhanced the Scotsman's marketing appeal in a sporting world devoid of truly charasmatic characters who have that common touch as well that the public so desperately crave . When asked throuh an interpreter to comment on the race , Satoshi gave an animated and clearly emotional response with much smiling and bowing but as the interpreter did not speak English ( or Gaelic) it was lost on all present but no interpreter was needed to interpret the tears of joy and gratitude when the Garmin Lama gave the Japanese runner a well earned handshake and pat on the back for coming so far to be "Garminated " .

Anonymous said...

The Landy Legacy is certainly in good hands . Good to see the GL scored a perfect 10 points for Saturday's effort. Surely the judges could have found some technical flaw ?