25 May 2015

Noosa 10km 4th 34;02

20/8/06 Noosa 34;02 5th 1st
19/8/07 Noosa 33;59 10th 1st
22/5/11 Noosa 33;45 8th 1st
24/5/15 Noosa 34;02 4th 1st

When I look at my record for racing at Noosa I should be pretty happy to be running times I ran in 2006 and 2007 but actually I think I'm a minute off pace from earlier this year. Aerobic fitness is fine but something else is limiting my running at the moment and wont speculate (like I have been doing!) until I get a consultant opinion.
Noosa is one of the big race festivals here in SE Queensland. I arrived just in time to see Jacko majestically finish the Half Mara by himself 5 mins ahead of the field in 67mins on a windy course worth at least 66mins.
Cassie Fien was equally impressive in the ladies running 73mins! about 3 mins in front of Clare - a huge margin.

So with Jacko out of the 10k field who was going to be favorite?
Johnny Peters is about on a par with Jacko so we did have a sub 30 capable leader to follow for 100m of so before he disappeared. I felt OK and ran to my maximum eventually hauling in a few guys ahead to finish 4th but having Mick O'Shea 20 secs up the road in 3rd place made me feel things weren't quite on song (Mick was 2nd in my Queensland 10,000 Champs triumph).
Forgot to mention Ronnie ran superbly for 36;33 ! a cracking performance.

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Underdogs for the GL said...

Tensions have been tense on the Korean Peninsula with rumour that the Garmin Lama , a man whose exploits now extend beyond the known limits of the solar system , may in fact be suffering an injury of an unspecified nature . Shares in Garmin dropped three points over night as a result of the rumours and organisers of the Hiroshima Classic were clearly nervous that their major draw card may not be at his Garmined best for the historic race . The popular Scotsman , performing at a level mere mortals could only dream of , has been clearly unimpressed with his training and racing of late . It remains to be seen if this is a temporary setback or an injury that may once again call for the donning of Lycra and cause excitement at the Penguin enclosure at Sea World . Soothsayers in Haiti have examined the entrails of a sacrificial goat and diagnosed a very minor ailment that will respond well to prayer and get well wishes which was an enormous comfort to this correspondent still suffering the after effects of an origin cliff hanger that was decided only at the death by a magical Copper Cronk field goal. The magical one point win was also taken as another particularly good omen that all is well in the Garmin Lama camp and that rumours of his demise are merely so much mischievous scuttlebutt orchastrayred by devious malcontents ever to eager to write off a man whose tenacity and raw courage has made him a clear favourite for the highly acclaimed North Korean Athlete of the year award .