29 May 2015

The David Heath phenomenon

David Heath is another of the  Loughborough Uni production line of top runners in their youth to Masters Greats (Andrew Green  Mike Trees Dave Buzza)
David however is phenomenal, he's retained his sub 4 minute mile speed and is going to knock the M50 World Records for six this northern summer.
He's one of the lucky eight runners who have been selected to run in Bejing at the IAAF World Championships in a Masters Showcase 800m - expect him to win sub 2;00 !

Can you believe the guy had heart issues at age 37! 


DEORTMAN said...

As a recent heart attack victim (one stent later) I would be very interested in Mr. Heath's post H.A recovery.

He can email me at:

David E. Ortman (M62)
Seattle, WA

David said...

Hi David,
I passed on your comment to David and hope he gets back to you. He did explain in his case the HA was brought on by an allergic reaction to antibiotic following septicemia brought on from a splinter of all things! So no blocked arteries etc. he ran home from the hospital a week later!!
Best wishes on your own recovery, take it easy!