24 June 2015

10 x 800 with 55 in 2;36

I think I got back to doing Nudgee track sessions at the back end of last winter so nearly a years worth of track in the bank.
It was 16 C according to my car at 6.00pm, so quite cool for a change and thankfully little or no wind. 
Trying to concentrate on 10K pace with short recoveries. 
Lost concentration on my third rep and couldn't remember for sure if I'd already run one lap or two! What was I thinking? Had to run another lap to be sure I'd covered the distance and sure enough ended up with a 1200m rep!
Had ongoing hip/pelvis issues through the session , a shooting pain from hip through to knee. Quite painful and feels as though my leg is going to give way/collapse which of course it never does. Maybe it is sciatica i'm thinking some acupuncture might be beneficial so will check it out.
In the meantime I managed to plough through my session alone again naturally. 
Average rep was 2;36 and average recovery was 55. Reasonable session considering had run 10km in the morning.
Ignore the distance column, it was 800 on the track followed by approx 100m jog recovery. Max heart rate seems to be diminishing from the days when I'd regularly get 180bpm but I suppose I am getting older.


coach dion said...

Love the 1200...

That's never happened to me.

ghost in the machine said...

Testing 1,2,3 great running Dave..