22 June 2015

David Heath M50 WR 1500m 3;58.26

David Heath set another M50 WR 3;58.26
He commented
"16 in the race. I started off near the back and had to speed up and slow down and run wide for the first couple of laps. 64, 2:09 and then I kicked in a 62 and hung on. Finished 5th - regional champs. Felt really good"

I bet it felt really good! 
A sensational time for a 50 year old. 62 for the third lap!! He has the 3000m M50 WR on his radar (he has already run the equivalent of 8;42 this Northern summer).

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Shardy said...

That's a great run to break 4 minutes at 50. You should give the 1500 another go Dave.