02 June 2015


On Sunday I went to bed at 10.30pm and got back up at 2;30am to watch Arsenal win the FA Cup for the 12th time in a match that had none of the usual angst I suffer thinking 'we might get beaten!' it was just so comfortable and 4 - 0 probably flattered Villa. Of course Alexis screamer of a goal was the highlight but I also enjoyed the moment when Per Mertsacker made it 3 - 0 to Arsenal and Laurent Koschelny (The Chairman) had his shirt turned into a hoody by the Villa defender, Laurent had his arms outstretched appealing for the pen while the rest of the boys were celebrating the goal.
So I got to bed again at 4;40am and then got up again at 6;00am to get up to the Sunshine Coast for the 5th in the series XC 12km at Ben Bennett Botanical Gardens.
The conditions were unseasonally warm even with much of the course was in the shade of the forest, some muddy sections, some inclines, but much kinder than a fortnight ago at Mooloolah. 
Like last time I had Satoshi Ashida for company till halfway. 
Satoshi ran well at Noosa doing the Half in 74mins . So he certainly kept me honest. 
He just dropped off enough for me not to hear him and feel comfortable however on the last lap , ever diligent, I did take a look over my shoulder with half a KM to go and saw he was a lot closer than I expected so more hard work up the final incline to finish just 12 seconds in front.

I went to see my consultant on Thursday last week as I had been suffering pain/ache in the hip/pelvis and decided to have it checked out. 
Had an MRI and the result was all good!, remarkably good looking pelvis for a 53 year old which gives me a lot of comfort to plough on but perhaps be careful about any off road deviation in my training. Also talked about the benefits of some alternative cross training like cycling and aqua running. I will no doubt get coached in the drills for aqua running when Mike Trees Mike Trees  Mike Trees  gets to Brisbane in October.
Mike was kind enough to send me two pairs of his Newton Shoes which I have been testing over roo+lake.

So look out for Laurent getting his top pulled over his head and the German commentator explaining what  B.F.G. stands for!


Scott Brown said...

Good to hear you are in good shape and planing to remain so into the future Dave. Are/ have your been doing and sort of x-training or strength work, other than cycling, this last year or so?

Garmin Lama's press agent said...

Hi Scot
I think I can answer that for you mate as the GL is really busy . The Garmin Lama is big on the spiritual and mental side of the performance equation . He believes and indeed preaches that if you focus on the metaphysical than the , what we lay people call the pure physical , will take care of itself . It's all to do with inner mental strength . You'll recall in chapter 5 of the Mr. Garmin story how David survived for weeks adrift in the Arafura Sea on courage alone . That called for enormous reserves of core mental strength . You may not be aware that the Garmin Lama's spiritual brother the Dali Lama will be in Brisbane soon to catch up to discuss world peace and how best to cope with the extreme cold at the Launceston 10k ( minus 3 today!) in a few weeks time . In regards cycling you obviously don't follow this blog very closely do you ? After David's NDE ( near death experience) on his bike ( loosely labelled but had brilliant mag training wheels) he's curtailed that activity and as well his cycling mentor , the infamous Pelican , has kept so low a profile lately that it has had even his closest admirers scanning the obituary columns of the local newspapers . If you're out there Framcis than please call home mate as we're worried about you . We're glad Scott that you mentioned tha X factor because the GL has that in spades . Did you see how people grovell and give him free shoes just to get his attention and blessing . Not to mention all three of the Tree triplets . Those guys are out of control . Did you notice Scott that David thrashed that tourist from Japan again . Talk about punch drunk . But you've got to admire those guys and their kamikaze give it all you've got spirit . But the point is mate that XC racing gives you bucket loads of core strength . Dead set mate . Can't you see it in those action photos of the GL . The GL is just rippling with core strength . It's a blessing I've been able to explain all this to you Scott before that fool , the Robot , makes an ass of himself again with all that garbage he goes on about . He's an absolute menace and David needs to filter him out . Anyway great to hear from you and please don't wait 12 months before asking another informed question . If the GL is busy ( let's face it he has more to do with his time than answer every Tom Dick and Scott who blogs in ) than I'll handle it for him as I'm his unofficial secretary . It doesn't pay much but has heaps of fringe benefits .

The Robot said...

Hey Mike
Would one of you guys have a spare pair of those cool looking racers in size 11 ? My old ones aren't looking good on Facebook . Cheap was a word I've heard mentioned . Dave can pass them on to me mate .

Sources close to the Garmin Lama said...

Organisers have been left red faced with news the Garmin Lama will not run in tomorrow's inaugral Queensland half marathon starting at.Deagon Racecourse . The man who can be trusted to lift the profile of any event he's entered had been promised a special rubberised red carpet was to be laid on the course for his exclusive use to counter the high impact cement surfaces cheaply laid decades ago by cash strapped councils looking for cheap options that are now simply law suits waiting to happen . Some sections have been reported as being so hard you could bounce a grape on them . The Garmin Lama in a selfless but typical gesture has highlighted the situation by simply withdrawing and leaving organisers to pick up the pieces of what is fast becoming a fiasco . With the GL's withdrwal from the event there is now zero media interest in the event and organisers will surely face a vicious public backlash from fans who have travelled from all parts of the globe to watch their super hero attempt to scale the Herculean heights of half marathon running in attempting to break the legendary Ron Peter's hitherto unassaible Australian record . Even the Green Tree triplets had been rumoured to attend and hand out free shoes in the heavily promoted Garmin Lama look alike contest .