07 June 2015

M50 World Record 1500m David Heath 4:02

Tom Roberts an Aussie ran 4:05 in 1984 to set the previous mark that has stood the test of time. 35 years hugely impressive record.
Now David Heath has run 4:02 an incredible feat!
Anyone know what Tom Roberts is up to these days?
Appreciate he'd be 85 but someone needs to ho shake his hand and tell him what a terrific achievement his record was.


Anonymous said...

Dave - have a look at page 6

Dave S
PS - those Newtons r just what you need on these dark mornings!

The GLs secretary said...

Hi Ronnie
The GL is too busy to respond at the moment mate .That was a great effort you did yesterday in the 1/2 mate . You're getting back to your best . Yes Tom Roberts was well ahead of his time . That record was outstanding . But he was ( God rest his soul) very mono dimensional in regards his public persona . He was little more than an outstanding and brilliant athlete . But no way could some pommie on the other side of the world have sent him two pairs of Newtons . That's the difference with him and the GL . The Garmin Lama is multi dimensional in his public persona which is why he's captured the public's imagination and gets free shoes . It''s a nice try to attempt to get a free pair of Newtons for yourself but I think the GL can see through such superficiality . I reckon you must take the same shoe size so after the GL breaks a record or two ( not yours I should imagine ) he may pass a pair onto you . Did you see those shoes he threw out the other day ? What a waste . There were thousands of k's left in those shoes . That's an image of stardom for you !

Apology said...

Was that you Scroopey ! Didn't know you followed track running mate . We thought you were Shardy trying to be anonymous. Have you ever run a track 1500 ? There's one on at QE2 next week. Anyway that was a really clever ploy to get some free shoes . Had everyone rolling around in fits of laughter . You certainly know how to ham it up mate . Do you know what's become of the Pelican ?

Tim said...

I know David Heath, and he will take at least another 5 seconds off this time this year. I am 99 percent certain he will be the first 50 year old under 4 minutes for 1500m.

Just another misfiring misfit said...

Gee Tim I don't know Heathy at all but I reckon that's it for him mate . The high water mark of his career . No 50 year old will ever break 4 minutes . Physiologically impossible . You're just trying to stir all us Aussies up aren't you ? Rubbing it in how this pommie upstart knocked off an Aussie icon in Dr. Thomas Roberts . Well the Garmin Lama is going to show what convict ancestry can do when he takes on Mike (Green) Trees in October . Just keep watching this space Tim . I'm 99.9% sure you will be in for a big surprise . You're not the Pelican are you Tim ? Seems a funny sort of a name to be posting under on this blog . The GL mostly gets has beens and misfits posting .

David said...

Hi Tim
Fully agree Heathy will break 4 very soon.The 4.02 was done in windy conditions. I just heard he has been selected to run in another Masters Exhibition race in Paris at the Diamond League Meeting in early July (on top of the 800 exhibition at the World Champs in Beijing!).
Sub 2 and Sub 4 at 50 will be something very special.

Lusty Lucy said...

I think that mischievous Robot is just getting up your goat with his usual nonsense . However it is relevant that Adam broke that record only after David started talking him up on his blog . He was a nobody before that . Not a world record in sight . I remember when I was struggling on the women's mud wrestling world circuit . It was only when David took me under his wing that I learned to have some faith in myself . Before I knew it I was the Cook Island runner up . I have David to thank for that . It's great that Mike ( Green) Trees is coming to Brisbane . Lets hope he brings plenty of those smart looking shoes of his to give away to we convicts .

Ted said...

As a grateful Dad I can congratulate "Tim" on his perceptiveness. My son, David (Dave) Heath ran 1 58.72, 29th July for the 800 and 3 59.26 for the 1500, 21st June this year, both times awaiting ratification. He was 50 on 22nd May this year.
As they say in some parts of England, "When I were a lad" the 4-minute mile was thought a physiological impossibility also.