21 June 2015

Caloundra Foreshore 10km 6th 34;50

I attended a 50th birthday party last night and had a few drinks, it was never going to be good preparation for racing the next morning!
I'd seriously considered not getting up at 5;00am and in fact did not set the alarm however I woke up at 5;15am and didn't feel too bad, no hangover and all my aches and pains in abeyance and what was the alternative - run 24km by myself around Narangba! 
I decided I'd give it a go. I knew Jackson Elliot was running and saw Cassie Fien and Tim Toner on the start line. I started off in second and Jackson rapidly disappeared off into the distance.
I was surprised to be leading a large group of runners through the first 3K's which was windy foreshore pathway lots of twists and turns which impacted upon my hip issue.
The group moved up past me and included Cassie, Tim and two others.
I just didn't have it today by 5km I was detached out the back of the group running by myself. The tough hills towards the finish provided extra hurt.
I jogged back to the start for 20km for the day.
Results are here;
Cassie is running fantastically at the moment and I suspect she'll be wearing green and gold again pretty soon.
We have to participate in the other parts of our lives than just running, I'd have rather stayed home and gone to bed early but that wouldn't be much fun for my wife. 
There is always another race.

Dehydration showing in the muscles

My homage to Robbo 13:22 (I really must have been still drunk!)

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