10 January 2016


The back/ rib injury is taking an eternity to get better but is very very slowly getting there. Only feel comfortable or capable of steady running but have thrown in a couple of casual grass interval sessions to get the heart pumping , need to do more.
Today ran twice roo+lake and lost 2.5kg even with three drink stops, it was very uncomfortable. At least I have now seen my goal weight on the scales ~ only I need to see it before my run!
Will run a set of km intervals on the road on Tuesday morning and determine if I'm up to racing yet.
It was another 80km week for me.
Pre run

Post run


Scott Brown said...

I took a spill the other week and came down on my side. Think it did more damage than simply taking the wind out of me. How did you hurt your backhand/or ribs?

David said...

It was whilst gardening Scott !! I think it was when I was hacking away at cycad pups in an awkward twisted position (or possibly mowing and strimming). I though it was my back at first but after weeks of ache the contraction of the muscles has dissipated leaving painful rib - it hurts when I breath deeply or sneeze.

The Robot said...

Gee David that's terrible . How is it when you laugh mate ? You weren't pretending that cycad was a pesky robot ? Shardy says he'll lend you a copy of a good book he has that may lift your spirits. and heal your wounds . You really must be more careful . I leave the gardening to my wife . She has a way with plants . Even nuisance ones that need to be dynamited out . I consulted the robot oracle for you this morning and he still reckons that 2016 is the year of the lama . Well if that doesn't lift your spirits you're bloody hard to please . That was a great ballet post as well with the up tempo music . You're always the innovator and trail blazer .