12 January 2016

Renegade Master

This cartoon tickles me!
Like this morning when I'm running 5 x 1km laps around the houses wearing nothing but shorts and heart rate monitor. Sweating buckets, old enough to know better, I sometimes think of my neighbours peering out behind the net curtains thinking "who or what the hell does that scrawny glutton think he's doing !"
Well actually it probably doesn't happen much because no one else is up at 4:30am and we don't have net curtains in Queensland!
5x1km with 100m walk jog recovery, feeling stuffed!


coach dion said...

I've had that feeling on Christmas day when doing hill reps...

World running masters said...

I surprised you haven't heard about the Robots World record relay run. It was so nice of you to send all those Gamin Lama supporters along to cheer them on. Once they knew the Robots were running for the Gamin Lama they came in droves. With their support they didn't disappoint. PS I hope you're back in action soon.