26 January 2016


5 x1km is a tough session I run from home whilst I wait for the schools to get back (for the track at Nudgee to reopen). 
I run a 2.5km loop warm up - its 91% humidity and 24 O C (the Apparent Temp was 27.7 C at 5;30am!)
I wore my  Asics Sortie Magic shoes which I bought in Tokyo which are magic but now that I have broken them in, I will reserve them for racing. No top again.
The 1km loop is about 1030m long, it has 6 turns (zoom in on the map below) and the first 400m is uphill. A tough tough circuit and I work very very hard. 
I noticed last week that my tendency to really strain (neck and arms) when I want to push the effort was causing the normal detrimental effect on performance so I really have to talk myself out of over straining and trying to remain relaxed even though the lactic is causing through my veins making me want to do the opposite to 'relax'. 
My recovery is a 100m walk back - I used to always slow jog it but a walk now feels right. 
Last week I wretched after the session, this week I finished and headed for the grass , to get on my hands and knees with a wretch as I  recovered (this is directly opposite and outside my house!).
The sweatage was immense.
Why do we do this to ourselves? 
Its crazy how hard we push ourselves, 
I think sometimes I train harder than I race.
The last three efforts were 3min K's. Good shape but not race fit.
Another 2.5km loop warm down.

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